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In Case You Were Wondering: The RAZR and RAZR MAXX Have The Same Exact Software


If there was ever any doubt that the Motorola RAZR and the new all new and improved RAZR MAXX possibly weren’t the same phone, that has been laid to rest with this screenshot. As you can plainly see, both devices are running the exact same build, kernel — even the model number is the same.

That means you can treat the new Maxx exactly as if it was the OG Razr. When one device receives an official over-the-air update, it should arrive at the same time for both devices. Remember that leaked OTA update? Compatible. Custom ROMs? Compatible. Root methods? Compatible. Anything and everything that works for the original RAZR will work just fine on the MAXX.

A few Android users out there were a bit skeptical that possibly Motorola would try and do something funny, changing up the software on the new device after introducing only a higher capacity battery. Well, there it is folks. They’re the same. One just has a little more junk in its trunk.

Via Droid-Life

Chris Chavez
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  1. The MAXX has A LOT LESS ICONS in the status bar! This is a pretty big improvement! 
    Less clutter! 

    1. And whats up with that?!?!?! The OG would display 2 gmail notifications?!?! Looks like they fixed that in the MAXX! 

      1. Did you read that they are exactly the same? they didnt fix anything but put a larger battery in the thing…

      2. Or, you could set notification one account. for two different labels

    2. No it doesn’t. The phone on the left simply has an alarm set and doesn’t have an SD card in it. They didn’t change anything. And the 2 Gmail icons on the left look different, so the user must have 2 gmail apps installed.

      1. it sounds like they did a better job of cleaning up unused icons to me and I doubt that person really has 2 gmail accounts!!
        google doesn’t allow you to do that!

        1. google does allow you to have multiple gmail accounts and sync them with your phone. I have one for work and personal. looks the same as above on my G2.

        2. It sounds like? How so? Where did you hear something? They didn’t change anything. Again, NOTHING has changed. The phones above simply had different things going on at the time of screen shot. If the phone on the right had an alarm set and didn’t have an sd card inserted, then the icons would look EXACTLY like the phone on the left.

          And I didn’t say 2 gmail ACCOUNTS, I said 2 gmail APPS. Each app is throwing a notification for the same email.

          1. Each app is NOT throwing up an icon. It’s one app and two accounts. It’s exactly as I have it myself on my RAZR and my OG Droid before it. A chance last year brought this look for those of us with two different accounts (or more). I personally wish I could choose different icons for the different accounts but otherwise it’s fine.

        3. Bullshit, I have 2 and a business gmail all associated on my phone. All in my name.

          1. SURE YOU DO! 

      2. I feel like you don’t really understand sarcasm.

  2. this is good news, as long as one of the phones are relevant, both of them are then.

    1. wrong post

  3. Am i the only one who finds it funny that the razr maxx has less battery left than the normal razr

    1. it was taken 5 hours later though

      1. I see that now thanks.

  4. This is great, Motorola was smart on this move. The Razr Maxx should be a good device

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