Jan 26th, 2012

This phone just continues to get better and better. The Sony Xperia S — which is currently #1 on my “sexiest phone of 2012” — is proving that it’s not just a 1-trick pony. PocketPC.ch has revealed a couple of new, less talked about features being introduced on the device that will help set it apart from the pack.

First, it seems the Xperia S will feature a an anti-stain shell. While this will help repel dirt and oil and keep the device looking new, those that have seen it in action have described a demonstration where a rep drew on the device with a pen, and was able to wipe off the marking with a single finger swipe. Neat.

Second — and this one is a whole lot more useful — the Sony Xperia S will come with a “fast charging” ability that gives the device 1 hour of talk time with a single 10 minute charge. 30 minutes is all it will take to charge up the Xperia S to 80%, at which point the device will lower power intake, slowly charging until 100% (for battery health).

Sony is definitely stepping up their game introducing new Android smartphones that not only look fantastic, but have the brains to go along with them. Did I mention how sexy the Xperia S is?

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