Cross Platform Smash Hit “Anomaly Warzone Earth HD” Now Available For Android


Anomaly Warzone Earth is the creme de la creme of tower defense games. Having been released on every platform with a processor, developer 11 Bit Studios is finally bringing the game to the Android Market. Featuring a role reversal to the traditional tower defense genre, AWE HD actually puts you in control of the sieger, using your skills to go on the offensive and build an army to battle the alien invasion. You choose your squad, plan your route, equip your weapons and attack. There’s even a story mode — how many times can you say you’ve seen that in a TD game in the Market?

AWE HD brings an incredible amount of depth to the tower defense genre and even features a story mode, adding to the console like feel. There’s pretty much nothing to not like here and if you’re into big weapons, explosions and tower defense, you’re going to feel right at home with AWE HD.

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is available right now for all devices running Android 2.2 and up (no stinky Tegra exclusives here) and can be downloaded for $4 from the Android Market.

[Market Link]

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  1. And after watching the video on youtube I see why they are charging $4… I feel like I’ve seen a short film

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