Jan 24th, 2012

Looks like Google wrapped up a bonus treat for ASUS Transformer Prime users inside their Ice Cream Sandwich update. Apparently, a new “experiments” function popped up inside of the native Gmail app. Generally speaking when dealing with Android, you want to be wary of anything labeled as “experimental” but in this case, you need not worry.

This new “experiements” function enables a few new optional features inside of Gmail, the first allowing for a more broader search that dives inside of emails, while the another feature enables drag-and-drop functionality of “contact chips” (or small contact tiles) inside the app. Nothing too fancy but none-the-less very helpful if you spend a lot of time inside of Gmail.

While the new Gmail version 4.0.3-239410 came bundled inside the Ice Cream Sandwich for the Transformer Prime, Galaxy Nexus users, were sadly, left with the older version. But don’t fret because the all new Gmail app — complete with Experimental feature — has been extracted and is ready for the downloading (no root required) via the link below. Enjoy.

Download Gmail 4.0.3

If you are rooted, this version is said to work on any Android 4.0 ROM so give it a try. If it doesn’t work, simply uninstall and download the Market version. No harm, no foul. We still have no clue when we can expect this version to officially hit the Android Market but I imagine it wont be very long now.

[Via ComputerWorld | AndroidPolice]