Latest Evernote update brings auto-titles, improved image layout and more


Evernote has an update for their popular note taking app for Android. In the latest version (3.5) users will find several new features that should make annotating one’s life all the easier. First up is auto titles, a feature that makes it easier to find saved notes that may have gone left untitled. Evernote smartly creates a title based on time and content to make tracking down snapshots and voice memos fired off in the heat of the moment. Next comes the ability to save a note at anytime and continue editing. Users no longer need to exit a note to save, making it perfect for longer text notes or ongoing logs. Finally, image layout within notes has been improved with the addition of padding to provide visual separation between other elements of the note. The improvements may not come alongside a drastic overhaul of the app, but Evernote is getting better and better with every release. If you haven’t take some time to check out all the app offers, now is the perfect opportunity.

Android Market Link: Evernote

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  1. sorry to go offtopic, but will phandroid ever do the “apps of the day” thing again? It’s been a while since the last one……admittedly I was not fond of all showcased apps, but there were a few really good ones that I didn;t know off….would love to see that type of ‘article’ again

  2. Evernote is truly one of the best Apps out there (for any platform).

    1. Still haven’t found the need for it…

      1. Regular notepads work just as well for my needs. Just don’t need one with the kitchen sink bolted on.

      2. I use it for to-do lists, to remember random things, every day as a daily journal, when I list things on eBay or Craigslist I enter the info in Evernote in case I lose my listing or it’s removed, I use it to store some of my favorite pictures, and a lot of other things I’m too tired to think of right now..

  3. Evernote is a “note taking app” much in the same way that a Lamborghini is a two door automobile.  GiqueGEAR, Inc. uses Evernote exclusively as the repository for design, strategy, accounting, graphics, etc..  The first commentor (How Do i Use Android?) was spot on, Evernote is a business person’s office rolled up into a smartphone.  AND, they keep making it even better !

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