Gameloft partners with Verizon 4G LTE to offer in-game voice chat


We may have to wait another year for Verizon to switch over to VoLTE services (voice-over-LTE), but a new partnership with Gameloft will allow gamers to voice chat over Big Red’s next-gen data network all they want. The publisher announced earlier in the month that the ability to talk smack to your opponent in-game over 4G would be coming to many of their titles. The first to gain access to the new feature is Asphalt 6. The ability to unleash an unfiltered string of expletives or troll the enemy is sure to add oodles to the experience. Check out Gameloft’s promo reel to get a feel of what to expect. Early demos had the functionality limited to three users simultaneously, but as the technology evolves we are sure the number will grow.

[Gameloft via Android and Me]

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  1. is Order and Chaos cross platform yet? if not how bout you fix that gameloft!

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  3. This will sure eat up your data plan fast! So glad I’m grandfathered into the unlimited, feel bad for those that aren’t

  4. how about they fix games that aren’t even supported on a ton of phones? sheesh.

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