Jan 20th, 2012

Apple and Samsung have been dueling in the courtroom for so long that we forgot about this one. Remember that patent Samsung owned which they believed would pretty much threaten the existence of any Apple product with 3G radios? Well, a judge in Germany just told Samsung to put that one back into their back pocket. Judge Andreas Voss reportedly made that decision but a reason was not given. Samsung says that they are still confident that they can take on Apple, however, as they still have other patents thrown into the ring. At this point it’s unclear who will win this thing in the long run as the decisions as of late make this thing teeter more than a see-saw. That does make for interesting legal war though (far more interesting than the Oracle-Google snore fest) so we’ll elect to re-up on popcorn and continue to watch these battles play out. [FOSS, Reuters via The Verge]

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