Heyzap Is A Social Discovery App For Mobile Gamers – Signs 12 New Mobile Gaming Partners


Having 500,000+ applications in the Android Market sure sounds amazing but do you ever get the feeling that you’re missing out on a hidden gem? The best way to discover something new is to simply ask your friends what they’re playing but pinging them on Twitter/Facebook every day could prove bothersome.

Well, Heyzap looks to make that process a little easier by introducing a mobile gaming community. While this may sound much like the many “app discovery” applications already on the market, Heyzap is different in that it allows for game-based checkins — similar to apps like Foursquare — so you always know exactly what your friends are playing.

The company has recently signed with 12 new partners to integrate their service into their titles. Spacetime Studios, PocketGems and Digital Chocolate are just a few of these new developers on board, adding to Heyzap’s growing list of over 800 mobile game developers.

If you want to give Heyzap a go, the application can be downloaded for free, right now, in the Android Market. If you’re a mobile games developer and want to increase your app’s awareness, you can also find the link for integrating Heyzap’s service in your own app via their SDK link below.

[Market Link | Heyzap SDK]

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  1. Hooray for crapware!

    1. Bingo. This is something I would suggest people avoid like the plague.

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