Jan 20th, 2012

If there was one “must have” Android app ever since back in the G1 days, it was Google Sky Map. Used more as a way to impress friends or even that special girl as you lay on the hood of your car, Google Sky Map gave everyday Joe Shmoes access to stars and all of its wonders. With that being said — Google Sky Map is dead.

Okay, I should clarify a bit. Google has officially stepped down as head of the Sky Map project instead, open sourcing the app so that other “astronomy enthusiasts” can change/contribute, however they wish. Google also said that they will be collaborating with Carnegie Mellon University, who will see all future development of the app, by way of student projects.

The Google Sky Map team would like to thank all of our users who have taken the time to send us comments over the past 3 years. You tell us that Sky Map has helped you show off your phone, enabled you to see the stars when the urban light pollution or weather obscured them and even find romance!

Google Sky Map has helped my coax a fair share of dates into the mountains so that we could ” better view the stars” and for that — I thank you, Google. If you’re looking to get in on the open-source code it can be found, along with the app, via the links below.

Market Link | Sky Map Open Source Project

[Via Google | AndroidCommunity]