Samsung Galaxy S II Sales Pass 5 Million in South Korea


Samsung is touting a new milestone for sales of their Galaxy S II smartphone. The Android-powered handset continues to be a huge hit among the local contingent as sales have surpassed 5 million units in South Korea. Total time to reach the milestone? Nine months. As TechCrunch points out, the figure equates to just over 10 percent of the country’s population of 48 million owning a Galaxy S II. Japanese business paper The Nikkei  reports that one in four South Korean smartphone users owns Samsung’s flagship handset. Overall, Samsung held a 53 percent share of the South Korean smartphone market in 2011.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Samsung had a bad start with the galaxy s but look it now. I will get the galaxy s ll skyrocket hd when it is out!!!

    1. yeah why would you not right?  i mean it’s an awesome phone and im sure koreans are proud of it.  but a lot of korean folks like the iphone as well

      1. what is this statement even getting at?

  2. What? Can’t find a cute Korean girl!

  3. Very happy with mine.  Not sure how long Sprint will keep Wimax alive, but the S3 should be out when they have LTE going.

  4. that’s huge because it’s a very good phone but also because it’s a Korean brand ?

    Everybody should carry a SGS2 over there in the street !

    The first person i saw with a SGS2 ever was a Korean at the aiport early june 2011 !

    1. IIRC, LG is also a Korean brand?

  5. I was a happy HTC user with the Sensation until all the lag! 
    Its a GREAT PHONE if you don’t need it for work purposes for example and use it alot. 
    I was BLOWN AWAY with how much better the Samsung Galaxy S2 is!! I honestly felt like I had fallen in love with Android all over again! Touchwiz is soooo lite its barely noticeable versus stock Android. 

    The speed versus the Sensation is simply AMAZING. SHIT JUST WORKS AND WORKS FASTER AND SMOOTHER! The screen is GORGEOUS! 

    I am sooooo looking forward to ICS on this badboy and I can finally say after 4 Android phones I have found a phone that I can stick with for years. 

    1. and pinch to zoom on the camera should be the way ALL ANDROID PHONES zoom! 

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