Over 250 Million People Using Android Phones and 11 Billion Market Downloads, Says Google


Google’s dropped some numbers in their Q4 financial results conference call as they often do. This time, we learn that 250 million people around the world are using Android handsets. It was only a few months ago that they reported a figure of 200 million. Those 250 million people have downloaded a combined 11 billion items in the Android market. They also released some figures regarding Google+. They now have over 90 million users and 54 million are active each and every day. Their signup numbers doubled in just three months and they should be gaining more steam in 2012. Pretty encouraging numbers, I’d say. Google also released their financial figures for Q4 earlier today.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Google Q4 Results: More Than $10 Billion in Revenue

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  1. +1 for google

  2. +1 for me 250 million people can download any of my apps

  3. +1 for humanity

  4. google rocks, others sucks

    1. Google rocks the sucking department.

      1. others sucks the rocking department

        1. Suck others; The rocking department. 

          1. roCK you!

            the others

  5. 250 million users but why do most devs ignore this and keep their goods out of the Market Place?

    1. Tech support. There may be 250 million users, but they are are on 250 thousand devices (exaggeration, of course). It’s a LOT easier to provide tech support for iOS and Windows Phone 7, not to mention the fact that there are drastically different hardware levels on Android devices, which isn’t the case for others so much. In short, there are a lot of stupid people who will get a low end android phone for free on contract and think it should be able to run graphically intensive games smoothly. Once it doesn’t, it gets one star, and a crap rating.

      1. +1

        yeah, I hate when people rate apps 1 star because they got a shitty phone and expect games like Shadow Gun to run. lol.

      2. but the developers can make the game/software not available to the device in Market.  Problem solved

        1. You have to specify device by device what can and can’t run your app. Very difficult when there are 507 devices that keep exponentially growing every day…

          1. all the tech support guys have to do is google ” specifications”, and they’ll be able to tell the person on the other hand that their phone is possibly under-powered.  

          2. As a developer for Android myself I have not heard of this

  6. headshot trophy

  7. t-mobile sent me my G-1 2 weeks early in sept 2008 and i never looked back.

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