Verizon Adding Five New 4G LTE Market January 19th


Verizon continues the rapid expansion of its 4G LTE network January 19th with the addition of five new markets. Glen Falls and Utica New York; Lawton, Oklahoma; and Brownsville and McAllen, Texas will all be treated to the blazing fast speeds of Big Red’s next-gen network. The rollout also includes the expansion of Verizon’s network in Atlanta, Houston, and Spokane. Verizon’s 4G network reaches over 200 million Americans in 195 markets.

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  1. I’m getting Virus Waring’s on this page

    1. me too…. wth phandroid?

    2. me too….only now it’s doing it with the entire phandroid site

    3. me too

  2. Now that I have verizon 4G I realize this means absolutely nothing. My area has 4G and has for the last 6 months. What Verizon fails to mention is its nearly WORTHLESS! I have to stand under a 4G tower just to get my gnex to connect to 4G. Not to mention the 3G service has been horrible and nearly impossible to get since buying my Nexus. Maybe its the phone maybe its the technology or maybe its a bit of both. For the first time EVER as a Verizon customer I am LIVID with their network reliability.

    1. Its the phone.  Return for either another Nexus or get something else.  

    2. Unfortunately, it’s the phone. The Bionic has three to four bars almost everywhere and gets about 18mbps with 100Ms ping even with one bar in Corning, NY.

  3. FYI, it’s Glens Falls. You’re missing the first “s.” Common mistake.

  4. Still stuck with crappy 3g in my area no one has 4g in this area yet which kinda sucks

  5. They need to fix the “faux”g service they have now… Downtown Seattle and services is spotty and shitty quite frequently.

  6. 4G is awesome where I live. Usually get 15-20 mbs down and 7-10 up. That’s with only 1-2 bars(usually around 104-98 dbm).

  7. Myrtle beach please!!!!

    1. It’s quite ridiculous that the driving force of South Carolina’s economy is the last major market in not just the state, but entire Carolinas to not have it.

  8. Where is my 4g? Sonoma county, wine country.

  9. Spread in Bakersfield/Lamont California

  10. Robbing Peter to pay Paul, it seems. Throttled to 3G in downtown Indianapolis today. Better than yesterday tho, 4G > > 1X downshift ever couple of minutes.

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