T-Mobile “Secret” Data Promotion Leaked – Free Mobile Hotspot On 5GB or 10GB Data Plans


Not yet down for the count, T-Mobile is attempting to stay competitive in 2012 with a pair of new “secret” promotional data feature bundles. Starting January 25th, T-Mobile will begin throwing in both their Smartphone Mobile Hotspot and MobileLife Album Plus services for free with either the Unlimited-Premium 5GB or 10GB plans. All-in-all, customers can look forward to about $20-$15 worth of savings.

The silent promotion will only be available for a limited time and even though it wont be advertised in commercials or print ads, it will be good for both new and existing customers, as long as you upgrade to the new Unlimited-Premium 5GB or Unlimited-Ultra 10GB plans. So, if you’re looking to (legally) tether that shiny new tablet you received for Christmas, there’s no better time than now.

[Via TmoNews]

Chris Chavez
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  1. So what if you already have a 5GB or 10GB data plan? Do you still get the hotspot for free?

    1. Pretty sure you could call T-Mo and take advantage of the promotion..

  2. What a great deal! Burn through your data quicker!!!

  3. So the 10 gig one is $40 then and 5 gig $20 while att is charging $50 for 5 gigs hmmm.

    1. ATT costs more, what’s new?

  4. i have a 5gb plan and already have the free hotspot on my Sensation 4g.

  5. Tmobile doesn’t really care if you use it anyways. They can’t afford to lose customers.

  6. nice tmobile thats what i am talking about.

  7. You can not add the word unlimited with limited services, so annoying!

    1. Yes you can can if it is unlimited. Duuh

  8. It’s a nice touch, but really those services should not cost extra for anyone. No matter how much data is included in your plan you should be able to consume that data however you like.

  9. Isn’t the Mobile Hotspot free anyway?  I used to have T-Mobile and it never checked for a subscription plan like Verizon does.  Any friend that has T-Mobile has free hotspot too.  Sounds like a BS promo to me. =

  10. Sure does not beat Verizon grandfathered true unlimited LTE data and unlimited mobile hotspot, yes it cost way more than tmobile but like I tell them you get what you pay for , no choking data here

  11. P.S. no choking data here I get 37 mbs download and 9 mbs upload speeds

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