LG Optimus Black and Optimus 2X Coming Soon To Straight Talk – Prepaid $45 Unlimited Talk, Text, Data


If the low-end LG Optimus One that launched contract-free on Straight Talk a few months ago didn’t quick get your Android engine revving, perhaps the mid-end LG Optimus Black or higher-end LG Optimus 2X (aka G2X) is enough to tickle your fancy? Both devices were leaked online as coming soon to Walmart’s pre-paid cellphone service which offers 30 days of unlimited talk, text and data for only $45 a month (piggybacking on T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network). Not too shabby.

Although an official release date has yet to be given, members of HowardForums reported local Walmarts already receiving shipments of the dual-core Optimus 2X with a vague “end of the month” release date from store associates.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the 1GHz LG Optimus Black appear on a contract-free service with the rebranded “Marquee” coming soon to Sprint’s pre-paid Boost Mobile service. This is, however, the first we’re hearing of a dual-core device being offered contract-free on any pre-paid service so we’ll have to wait and see how receptive the general public is on the Optimus G2X. Anyone thinking of getting either the Optimus Black or Optimus 2X?

Thanks, Richard!

[Via PhoneNews | HowardForums]

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  1. No problem!

     I wonder how mad AT&T/Straight Talk would be if I bought this and just roamed on AT&T all the time.  lol

    1. I think they have clauses for roaming. Sprint only gives you 350MB before they come knocking on your door =p

      1. Yup.  They “kindly” told me to stop or go somewhere else.  Now I’m with Verizon.

  2. It is good to see no contracts getting better phones like this. Anyone know how the coverage is?

    1. It’s T-Mobile coverage. 

    2.  straight talk has better coverage in washington state then any other carries I have used(sprint verizon,att and virgin mobile

  3. Can you get this without service? Also any idea on price for the phone?

    1. Yeah, it’ll probably range from $250-299. 

      1. Thanks, I was about to ask that myself.

  4. I wouldn’t touch the g2x or any other lg device for that matter. I would try this out on my gsm galaxy nexus though if that’s possible. I’m running it on att now and wouldn’t mind unlimited everything.
    Anyone know if it’s possible to use your own phone on this plan?

    1. You would have to get an IMEI approved. Good luck. However there is a Straight Talk IMEI generator somewhere I won’t disclose due to the legal issues. 

    2. The G2x is a pretty awesome device running CM7.  (After LG got the initial bugs worked out, the base OS becamse pretty nice too.)

    3. Actually there is a way, you  just have to buy the $50 nokia e71 or 6790,  those are the only 2 phones that straight talk sell that have a unlocked at&T sim card, the sim card in those 2 phones will work in any at&t compatible phone, phones branded and sold by at&t do not have to be sim unlocked, other carrier gsm phones do how ever need to be unlocked, im running the international galaxy s ii on it works perfect, unlimited everything for $45 a month (though data isnt really unlimited, but ive gone to 3 gb fine, they will probably call you up if you go like over 5gb) heres a thread about this 

    4. try simple mobile

    5.  straight talk just brought out a program where you buy a sim card from them for 15$ and reprogram any phone on their network. you can find info on their website

  5. Why would anyone want these phones when they can get a Nokia C3G?

  6. Can these phones be used on T-Mobile without unlocking them? Basically just throwing a T-Mobile sim in?

  7. Dang it. I wish they would release a decent phone to run on the VZW portion of Straight Talk.

  8. also the e5 works but is more expensive, and you cant sell the phone after you use the simcard, because the imei is tied to the nokia phone and the account, so if anyone else uses it(nokia phone) your service will be cut off on straight talk. But $50 for basically a sim card that can get unlimited all on at&t full network for $45 a month is pretty awesome, even gets hspa+

  9. i was told android on straight talk is AT&T coverage

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