New Features Roll Out to Google+ Mobile Site, Coming Soon to Android App


A few new features have rolled out to the Google+ mobile site allowing users greater interaction with top content. A new “What’s Hot” pane can be accessed by swiping right of your main “Circles” feed. Doing so will showcase the current top posts from all Google+ users. To see who is making content hot, users can now click the +1 count on a post to see all that gave extra kudos. Look for the features to reach Google+’s Android app in the near future.

[Google+ via DroidLife]

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  1. got a “malware do not proceed messege in chrome when viewing phandroid today. might want to clear this up before you loose readers :-)

  2. My antivirus popped up a couple warnings earlier while on phandroid. And now Firefox is blocking it as being a malicious site. Something is up…

  3. I was just given the same warning by Firefox. 

  4. Heh…looks like it hit everyone.

    Get on those “” people, phandroid.  Even their warning page (If you click on “Why was this page blocked”) tells people, “This site has not had any virus reports…”


  5. seriously phandroid, your giant pop up ads are annoying as heck but now im getting virus warnings… whats going on? hope ya’ll get your site back to what it should be, a news source for the people.

  6. Same here malware pop up on chrome
    Fix this shit

  7. It seems too unlikely that both the malware message, which never happens to this site, and the SOPA blackout would just randomly happen in the same day.

  8. Yea yea nice for G+, ur site is still messing up. I can only access it on my EVO 3Ds browser…

  9. Nice with G + ..
    may enjoy with this new option too much…

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