ASUS Offers Extended Warranty, Full Refund in the UK for Transformer Prime Issues


ASUS realizes that they could have done better on their Transformer Prime. As excellent as it is, the tablet is having some bad GPS issues. It’s so bad, in fact, that ASUS has elected to stop advertising that the product has GPS inside. ASUS is a great company when it comes to support, though, and they’re trying to make things right at least in the UK.

They posted on their UK blog that they’ll be offering full refunds to anyone dissatisfied with the device due to its GPS issues. Simply head back to where you bought it and let them know of your issues and you should be well on your way.

You could elect to keep the device, too. If you decide to do that ASUS is offering an extra 6 months on your 12 month warranty, totaling 18 months. If your retailer added 12 months to ASUS’s original warranty you won’t get an extension on top of that. Head here for more details. [via Electronista]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. “ASUS is offering an extra 6 months on your 12 month warranty, totaling 8 months.” I think you lost “1” somewhere there… :)

    1. With that kind of extended warranty, I’d rather keep the original 12-months. Typo had me re-read the phrase though as I tought I misunderstood something at first.

  2. Asus has a great reputation for customer satisfaction …I own a Asus monitor and laptop and they never let me down

  3. Dissatisfied with the gps…
    More like i want the 700………

  4. Still love my prime… wouldn’t consider giving it back. No wifi issues, and haven’t tried GPS. The spn aluminum is so much sexier thatn the plastic on the 700 series

  5. Hopefully the TP takes a huge dump in price as a result of all of this I would love to pick 1 up at a good price

  6. Other than GPS issues, I dont THINK I have any other issues.

    That said, I would like the option to exchange mine, free of charge, for any hardware revised version – new in box.

    I am concerned something else could pop up… That and lack of availability gives me cause to concern… And their plans to continue to manufacture and support the device.

  7. I’ve owned lots of ASUS hardware, for a time I always bought ASUS motherboards or their cheaper but still well made ASRock brand, and I have to say the transformer prime was a big let down. GPS issues didn’t matter that much to me, but the very limited distance of the wifi chip made me return it, sure I could use it fine in my living room near the wifi router, but performance dropped too fast, and I didn’t want a $500 tablet that I knew I wouldn’t be able to use in many places that offer wifi because I was too far from the AP for it’s seriously limited range. I’m waiting for newer Quad Core tablets to arrive.

  8. When is this gonna happen in the US???????????

  9. So far so good I haven’t seen any WIFI or GPS issues. But
    I’m not happy with seeing other people having problems with this TP. I received
    my TP on Dec 22 and it is already outdated now with new TF700 coming out now I
    wish I would have waited. I think I will only use Asus motherboards from now on.
    Its looking like they will soon drop support for TF201 as soon the TF700 comes
    out, NOT HAPPY ASUS.

    1. you do know that Europe won’t get TF700 before the end of summer, so them dropping support for TF201 would be god damn stupid.

    2. Come on man. This is a fact of life in the digital age. If you have a Prime, then you are an early adopter. You should know by now that early adopters frequently get burned by buggy units and rapid product updates leaving you frustrated. And why do you think they will drop support for the TF 201?
      Look, I’m like you in that I bought a Prime. I like it and have no problems. If something better comes along, I’ll sell the Prime for a small loss and move on. What I’m not going to do is worry about some just announced product that won’t even be available until the second quarter.

  10. There is always something on the horizon. If you wait, you will wait forever.

    I like the tablet. Of course, it’s my first.

    Have people actually tested speeds vice relying on signal of WiFi indicator?

    Like I said, just dont have a warm a fuzzy about continued support, sales, etc. That said, keeping it. Bought Dec 22… Dont think I could take it back… But dont want to at this point.

    1. I tested it compared to my Xoom. Only about 25 feet away from the router in another room, the speed dropped significantly compared to my Xoom.Did not lose signal but it was enough for me to decide to return it. GPS did not work at all. I will wait for the bug fix version in the next few months.

  11. Oh I am not really that worried. I figured the original Transformer would have been the test bed.. Heh thats why I jumped on it… My first tablet a quad core.

    The wifi works well enough at home and work for what I need. Curious how will work in hotels.

    But, for me, like I said.. Hanging on to it. :)

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