Jan 18th, 2012

ASUS realizes that they could have done better on their Transformer Prime. As excellent as it is, the tablet is having some bad GPS issues. It’s so bad, in fact, that ASUS has elected to stop advertising that the product has GPS inside. ASUS is a great company when it comes to support, though, and they’re trying to make things right at least in the UK.

They posted on their UK blog that they’ll be offering full refunds to anyone dissatisfied with the device due to its GPS issues. Simply head back to where you bought it and let them know of your issues and you should be well on your way.

You could elect to keep the device, too. If you decide to do that ASUS is offering an extra 6 months on your 12 month warranty, totaling 18 months. If your retailer added 12 months to ASUS’s original warranty you won’t get an extension on top of that. Head here for more details. [via Electronista]

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