ASUS Reveals HD Transformer Prime Won’t Reach UK Until Summer


Those holding off on the currently available ASUS Transformer Prime in favor of the TF700T model and its HD display will be waiting a while from the sounds of a recent blog post by ASUS UK. While providing an update on the Transformer Prime TF2012’s GPS and WiFi woes, it was revealed that those in the United Kingdom can expect to wait until June or later to be able to purchase the updated model. The company’s track record suggests we definitely won’t be seeing it any sooner in other regions. The news is a bit disappointing but not surprising. The Transformer Prime did launch less than two months ago, after all.

[via PocketDroid]

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  1. That cool and all but are they doing the same in the US for people having issues???

  2. The one on the left. I’d “tab” her.

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