Netflix for Android Now Available to UK Consumers


Netflix has brought instant streaming to UK users recently and with that support comes support for their official Android application. You’ll be able to browse and watch movies to stream instantly as well as manage your instant streaming queue. You do need Android 2.2 or higher but we have a feeling that won’t be a problem to most of you. Get the Android application here, ladies and gents. [via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Netflix is just a rip off now.

    1. how so?  It’s still the same price isn’t it?  The library is growing with new content isn’t it?  I get they split the rental from the streaming which sucks if you used that, but I figure most people just stream.  Maybe it’s just me and I’m easy going but I use Netflix every day and watch on my tablet and PS3.  Sure in Canada we need more licenses but I still have tons of shows and movies to watch.  So please elaborate on how it is a rip off?

  2. I love netflix, I’ve only ever used it for streaming so the price change made no difference to me. Plus it runs great on my mediocre phone.

  3. Also available in Ireland!

  4. I hope the library available to the UK is different to the US, because it seems small and not very good, you americans are either easily pleased or are keeping the good stuff from us!

    1. No. we Americans simply canceled out account 15 months ago when it started sucking!

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