Vizio Shows Off Line of Google TV Products, Android Tablet


Vizio has just given us a couple pretty big reasons why we should visit their booth here at CES: a line of Google TV-enabled products, and an Android tablet. Aside from smart TV offerings (probably the biggest trend of this year’s show), Vizio is offering both a Blu-ray player and set-top box powered by the latest version of Google’s TV platform. The VAP430 Stream Player features Vizio’s V.I.A. Plus UI (are we really going to get UI fragmentation on Google TV, too?) and access to all the content you’d expect from a Honeycomb-based internet TV. The same can be said for the Vizio VBR430, a 3D-capable Blu-ray player.

Things really get interesting with the 10-inch VTAB 3010. The slate is built around Intel’s Medfield platform and should be one of the first to market with the chipset. Little is actually known about the system’s specs but it is expected to run at least Honeycomb. Ice Cream Sandwich seems just as likely. The slogan? “Beauty + Brawn,” emphasizing the device’s styling and power. It could be the veiled item spotted at the Intel booth. Pricing and release dates for all the aforementioned products has not been revealed at this time, but we’ll do our digging and see what we can come up with. Hands-on from the show floor will be coming shortly.

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