Kodak Files ITC Suit against HTC and Apple


Here’s one you don’t hear too often. We often see HTC on the receiving end of a lawsuit filed by HTC, but how often are the two companies co-defendents? A new suit filed with the ITC creates that exact scenario. Kodak alleges that Apple and HTC have violated various patents relating to transferring images to and from devices such as the EVO 4G, iPhone, and more. Speculation is the entire charade is just a flexing of the patent muscles by Kodak. We’ll add this one to this list of intellectual property suits currently awaiting litigation.

[via Engadget]

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  1. “We often see HTC on the receiving end of a lawsuit filed by HTC, but how often are the two companies co-defendents?” o_O

    1. If you sue yourself, you win either way.  But I think we know he was talking about the evil Apple suing poor defenseless HTC.  The great part about Apple, when they steal, they claim the other company is stifling innovation.

    2. This is why only lawyers win in things like this!

  2. lol whats a kodak 

    1. what would you do for a kodak bar? o what thats klondak

      1.  I think you mean   “oh, wait that’s Klondike” and you did it twice!! at least your consistent.

        1. “you’re”

    2. It’s a bear. You know Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear, Kodak Bear!

  3. Well…thats one way to stop your company from going out of business. Become a patent troll. Well done Kodak.  Just what the wireless industry needs…….more lawsuits.

    1. what would you do for a kodak bar? o what thats klondak

  4. I agree with the “flexing of the patent muscles” statement. Kodak is showing what they have in order to convince someone like Google to buy the company for their patents.

  5. um. I think you need to change the wording in the post. it says HTC on the recieving end of a lawsuit from HTC. ;)

    1. Remember that lawsuit matrix Phandroid published a few months ago with arrows going everywhere?  Maybe the writer started following an arrow that began at HTC and intersected with another arrow heading toward HTC.  OTOH, maybe HTC really IS suing HTC.

  6. I hope that the company dies before they win. Whther they have a real shot or not i dont like these desperate attempts of failing companies resorting to playbooks taken straight off from north korea playing with nukes. Because thats what patents are in tech world.

  7. Kodak this ain’t saving you from chapter 11. So NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!

  8. Didnt they go bankrupt few weeks ago? And they cant sue HTC Apple already done that.

  9. Yeah this is surely the move that will save Kodak from a decade of inability to capitalize on the modern day evolution of functionality they practically had a monopoly on.

  10. And here’s kodak grasping at straws to prevent Chapter 11. can’t blame ’em.

  11. isnt kodak bankrupt?
    drag it out and make sure they can’t even turn in the grave

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