NVIDIA’s Big Surprise: Ice Cream Sandwich for Transformer Prime is Now Available


We’ve been hearing that NVIDIA had a nice surprise in store for us this coming CES and, well, Kevin was on hand at the event to experience what that surprise was first hand. The big announcement? ASUS’s Transformer Prime is now officially the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet as they are pushing out the update to Android 4.0 to the device starting today!

We saw their progress a while ago and things were along very well. It was more impressive knowing that they had a near-beta product whipped up just days after Ice Cream Sandwich was released to all. We had a feeling they’d be the first to market with the update, though, and we’re glad to know that our feeling was right. Be sure to go through the usual channels to check for the update and swing back over to let us know how you’re liking it!

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Today in what time zone? Nothing here so far and checking popular forums, nothing for anyone else. It is almost 8pm EST.

    1.  Make sure you go to settings -> About Tablet -> System Firmware Update – Check Update

      Otherwise you get it whenever it decides to check, which is not constantly.

  2. Nice! now for everyone still waiting to actually get the tablet..

  3. Okay, so I just got home and turned on my Transformer Prime. I was literally shocked from excitement as soon as I read this.

    I just checked for updates and it said there were none available, though.

    1. Check now.

      1. Thanks!
        Downloading right now.

  4. Just checked nothing yet!

  5. Any ideas on the timeline for the original Transformer?

    1. Exactly.  My guess is a couple of weeks after the Prime gets it.

  6. how about the original Transformer?! D=

    1. Apparently after the Prime rollout

  7. The 250 buck Tegra 3 Kindle killer is pretty dope also..

  8. Why is Nvidia announcing ICS for Prime? Shouldn’t Asus do that?

    1. was wondering the same thing

    2. My best guess is that it is because this was the launch product for Tegra 3… Aside from that, I don’t know why Asus didn’t do it or go with a joint announcement.

  9. Android Police confirmed that Asus confirmed that ICS will being rolling out at 8:00pm PST today.

    1. I’m downloading it right now actually XD

  10. Anyone else getting not connected to the internet when you are?

  11. I just did a check right on the device and it’s almost done updating now (:

  12. Just got pushed the ICS update. Updating now!

  13. Typing with ICS loaded on my prime!

  14. I got some Ice Cream, I got some Ice Cream….:-)

    1. I thought you were on the welfare? ;)

  15. honestly, the camera is the biggest difference. Other than that? It’s a little smotther and the UI is prettier, but the app drawer is driving me nuts. I havening the next page come from behind just doesn’t feel natural

  16. gaaaaah, you can’t choose your defult user agent for the browser. You have to tell it to give you the non-mobile version after the page has loaded

    1. I noticed the same thing.  If anyone knows of a solutions PLEASE post.  Mobile web pages are annoying!!

  17. Does it not have the face unlock feature? I thought that was an ICS thing not just a nexus thing…..

    1. Yeah, I was disappointed about that, too. I was looking forward to toying with it.

      1. Visidon Applock (in Marketplace) is much smarter.  You can lock inidividual apps.

        1. I guess you don’t know what face unlock means.   Google.

      2. So the answer is no then? I was really asking, I thought I just wasnt seeing it……..

      3. The Galaxy S II has it on their leaked ICS roms. Maybe its a Samsung thing…

  18. Yee haw!

  19. Dang this thing should have rolled out with ICS, its kinda awesome!

  20. Downloading now :D Can not wait to play with ICS!!

  21. Anyone else having issues with their update? I am having long black bars all across my screen sometimes and a few others anyone experiencing this??

    1. See here is my screen after a few seconds!!! If I tap the screen it goes away.. :(

      1. I also had an issue with the display for a few seconds. Worked fine after a reboot though.

  22. Now what about the Transformer Prime Deluxe thing they were talking about.

  23. Yay! ASUS’s Transformer Prime is now officially the world’s first non-existent Ice Cream Sandwich tablet.

    I kid. I know that a number of people have managed to snag one, but this is still one massively under-delivered piece of kit.

  24. Anyone have an recommendations on a good case/cover for the Prime?  Besides the origami cover…

  25. Got the update on my prime.

  26. great now all I need is a transformer prime :-(

  27. Cant wait…My Prime just shipped from Best Buy this morning :) 

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  29. Got my ICS on Prime this morning and the thing is much faster overall. Here are some thing that I am noticing if your interested: Seeing the phones weather widget included now and new task manager widget (which is awesome). Bookmarks now sync with my computer which was a problem in Honeycomb. Added the ability to change the keyboard click volume, which was absent before. Panoramic mode in camera is really impressive and works as advertised.

    I am not seeing Face Unlock and don’t know if this is hidden or excluded in the update.

  30. And so doth the Motorla Xoom fade to obscurity……

  31. Does anyone know when we’re going to get this for the Transformer UNO TF101.

  32. So much for the Xoom supposedly being the first device to get ICS officially.

  33. Yah it’s working, but no face unlock. The live effects works on google talk but not on camera mode as I see it now. haven’t tried google+ hangout yet.

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