Motorola Announces MOTOLUXE and DEFY MINI for World Markets


Motorola today announced two new Android 2.3 smartphones for China, Europe and Latin America. The Motorola MOTOLUXE and Motorola DEFY MINI each aim to please their own niche of users, from the style-conscious to the urban adventurer. The MOTOLUXE is an “ultra-vogue, very slim” device with a 4-inch display and 8MP autofocus camera. We’re not sure what constitutes “very slim,” but Motorola is pushing the style factor of this one. The DEFY MINI picks up from previous members of the DEFY family by providing a capable phone with a tank-like exterior, most notably the 3.2-inch Gorilla Glass display. Both phones fall into lower pricing tiers and are aimed at folks mostly concerned with email, messaging, and web browsing. Both will be on display at CES, and we’ll be sure to check them out from the show floor. Find the full press release below.

Motorola Mobility Introduces Two Stylish Smartphones That Break Boundaries, but Won’t Break the Bank

Motorola MOTOLUXE™ and Motorola DEFY™ MINI coming to Greater China, Europe and Latin America this spring

Jan. 05, 2012

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. – Jan. 5, 2012 – This spring, Motorola Mobility, Inc. (NYSE: MMI) is helping you flaunt your individuality by adding two stylish and unique Android™ 2.3 (Gingerbread) powered smartphones to its growing budget-friendly portfolio. MOTOLUXE is a hip, slim touchscreen device and Motorola DEFY MINI is dustproof and water-resistant, making it the ideal “life proof” phone for active users. And they come in different shapes, sizes and colors – so you can choose a phone that best reflects your personality.

No matter what device you choose, Motorola’s MotoSwitch user interface changes the way you manage your life. With MotoSwitch, your smartphone learns who you talk to and which apps you use and keeps all of that information front and center. The Social Graph feature gives you easy and fast access to the people who really matter. It learns who’s most important to you and uses that information to populate the home screen. The more frequently you communicate with someone, the bigger their icon becomes. The Activity Graph gives you quick and easy access to your favorite apps, automatically changing to reflect the apps you use the most. With Music Now you can easily play your favorite music while the Smart Gallery displays your favorite pictures as collections.

With Google Mobile™ services you’ll be able to search for anything with Google Search™, chat with your friends using Google Talk™, or find your way anywhere you want to go with Google Maps™ with navigation.

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

The ultra-vogue, very-slim, MOTOLUXE sets the bar high in terms of style with a 4-inch edge-to- edge touchscreen display. This hip device is perfect for writing emails, surfing the Web and watching movies. And, for the amateur photographers out there, the 8-megapixel autofocus camera with flash lets you shoot like a pro and capture life clearly and fully.

MOTOLUXE also sets itself apart with a lanyard slot that has a lighting effect. So you can see when you’ve missed a call, received a text or have an email waiting for you.

Other cool stuff includes:

Front-facing VGA camera for video chatting with friends and family
Available in licorice or white
1400 mAh battery for up to 6.5 hours of talk time, 19 days of standby time
Strong and Sturdy

Water-resistant, dust-proof and with a scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass display, Motorola DEFY MINI is the ideal smartphone for active users who need a device as resilient as they are. With a 3.2-inch touchscreen good for emailing, texting and browsing the Web, and a long battery-life, you can keep this phone on and by your side all day long no matter where you go, so you’ll never miss a beat.

But wait… there’s more:

3MP rear-facing camera with flash
Front-facing VGA camera for video chatting with friends and family
Easy access to all your favorite outdoor apps with the “Instrument Dashboard”
1650 mAh battery for up to 10 hours of talk time, 21 days of standby time
You can get your hands on MOTOLUXE and Motorola DEFY MINI at Motorola’s booth (LVCC, Central Hall, Booth NO. 8644) at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show, January 10 – 13, 2012.

Pricing and Availability
Both devices are expected to be available in Greater China, Europe and Latin America starting this spring. MOTOLUXE is already available in China under the name Motorola XT615 and is expected to be available in Greater China, Europe and Latin America starting in February. Motorola DEFY MINI is expected to be available in China under the name Motorola XT320 and in select countries in Europe and Latin America starting in February.

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  1. And is the bootloader unlocked? No? Thought so. Move along, nothing here to see. Moto is no longer a phone I will purchase when I upgrade. #OPMOSH

    1. I’m sure Motorola can live without the business of you and the other 12 people who vehemently bray like donkeys over this matter. To the rest of everyone else, these look like sweet phones

      1. If you look at their FB site most posts are #OPMOSH… You cannot follow any conversation. Seems to be more than 12 people. The good thing of social sites is that 1% of millions of people is still a lot of angry people making noise and I don’t think that Moto likes that.

        1. motorola really doesnt care.   if they did they would of unlocked the bootloaders by now.  theyre locked for a reason, because their biggest customers – the phone carriers –  request it.     motorola shift something like 25million smart phones a year. theyre not gona lose sleep over a few 1000 lost sales.

      2. Ya, uhm, pretty sure more than 10 people are interested in rooting their phone… but you keep making assumptions, it suits you.

        1. Keep braying

  2. Hmm, I love the defy. It was a great phone, I just wanted the front camera.. The mini has got it but then i’ll want a bigger screen. Make on with both! :O

  3. If you look at the MOTOLUXE video at 0:22, you can see the ICS lock screen interpretation.

    Me likey :)

  4. Clicked on one of the thumbnails at the end of the video for a Deutch commercial for RAZR. That’s a good one. Starker – Das Razr!

  5. The bottom leash holder looks sweet

  6. Ooo 3mp camera, that’s awesome! o wait, no it isnt.

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