SugarSync Now Automatically Syncs Video with Your Computer


SugarSync has been a go-to app for folks wanting to keep photos and files in sync between their Android smartphone and computer, and a new update expands its capabilities to include videos. Users of the app now have the option to automatically (or is it auto-magically) sync videos captured with their smartphone camera with the cloud. It’s as easy as recording the video and letting SugarSync do the rest. When the phone is next connected to a WiFi network newly captured videos will be uploaded in the background and made available on your desktop PC. The makers of SugarSync call it a “zero-step process.” It’s a great feature for those looking for a quick and easy way to get their recordings from point A to point B. Check out the update at the link below.

Android Market Link: SugarSync

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Do you need the program on your desktop?  I suppose so…otherwise it wouldn’t know where to send them. 
    I’ll have to check it out.  Thanks.

  2. You can have it on your desktop but your desktop does not have to be on, because they store it also on their server. Once you switch on your desktop, the download process starts/resumes. I use this software to mirror my office and home computers. And because they keep a copy on their webservers, i can also access the files when i am travelling etc or even from my nexus one. 

  3. I’ve used Dropbox for the past 4+ years but recently switched to SugarSync and love it!  It gives you a lot more flexability in your syncing, specifically allowing you to sync multiple folders on multiple computers.  I use it to keep PC game save files in sync between multiple computers.

  4. This is an AWESOME new feature. Even if you use iCloud, you should use this too. It backs up your photos & videos not ONLY to the cloud, but also to your PC! And, unlike iCloud you can get 5.5GB free when you sign up through this link. You also get another 500MBs as a double bonus when you complete a tutorial (which shows you how to use Sugarsync). I’ve been using it for a while and this is just a great addition. Never have to worry about my photos or videos again. Thanks sugarsync!!

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