Jan 4th, 2012

Somewhere far from America exists the car dock that we’ve all been looking for the Galaxy Nexus. Verizon launched their version with an official cardock but it was little more than a piece of molded plastic as there was no support for the device ‘s connector pins on right edge.

Most users much prefer having the charging cable and headphone jack coming from the dock itself for a much cleaner and easier setup. Well, a three-pin cardock does exist, fortunately.

Unfortunately, it’s not for the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus. Just about everyone but Verizon users will be able to perfectly fit their Galaxy Nexus units inside. When inserted, carmode beautifully activates itself without you having to tell the device to activate it.

There may still be hope for Verizon’s customers as the LTE and GSM versions differ only by a hair in thickness. I’m personally not too sure if the three-pin connector is aligned the same way but if it is then I see no reason why this wouldn’t work with Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus.

You might need to import one whenever they become available but we’re sure our Canadian counterparts will make it easier and cheaper than having to get one from all the way across the pond.

There’s also hope that US retailers offering the unlocked GSM versions will eventually be selling these accessories. Our benefactor are The Unwired who have photos of other accessories, though we’ve already seen these before. Have a look there if you want.

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