Galaxy Nexus Possibly Launching on Rogers and Fido January 10th


With Bell snagging the exclusive for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Canada, those preferring the network’s of other carriers had to settle for the promise that the device would reach new providers in 2012. Rogers subscribers won’t have to wait long into the new year, as a newly leaked document points to a January 10th launch. The Galaxy Nexus will also be available from Fido on the same day. TELUS also has the world’s first Android 4.0 handset in the pipeline, but it is unclear when it will hit their network. Pricing details are unknown, but expect them to stay pretty close to the $159.99 on a three-year contract pricing established by Bell.

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  1. we need a sprint version soon!

  2. AT&T or death

    1. Rogers phones are 100% AT&T compatible. You just have to buy it sans contract.

      1. and deal with 16 gb instead of 32. i’m giving it 1 more month.

        1. Yeah, Rogers like mass raping their customers. They bastardized my RAZR the same way. Not that I really care since it has SD card.

  3. t-mobile :)

    1. Yes please. Seriously!

    2. I heard that T-Mobile was putting some of their 84 mbps HSPA+ on their spectrum that also houses its GSM and Edge networks. So, perhaps these will work on T-MO soon.

      1. Yeah they are doing that this year :D Can’t wait for a quad-core 84mps phone maybe the next nexus :) lol

  4. Come on AT&T! Please! Please!

    (although from what I’ve seen my Atrix takes better photos/video that the G-Nex, but whatever)

    1. I had an Atrix a while back and I can say that the galaxy nexus takes better photos and video.

      1. Really?! That’s good to hear. I think the video on my atrix is great. Way better than most of my friend’s phones. And the pictures are good enough.

        1. Then you will definitely love the galaxy nexus if you are thinking of picking one up ;)

          1. Going to wait until the end of January to see if AT&T says anything and for the prices of un-subs to come down a little.

  5. Bell Telus and Rogers versions are all AT&T compatible but I think they are locked so one needs to get an unlock code too, only the N1 was unlocked because Google sold it directly. I was thinking if getting a Bell version and drop my Rogers SIM into it, but I guess I no longer have to do that, however the SGS3 is just around the corner.

    1. nope negative they are 100% unlocked.  Many people here in Canada bought the phone through bell and used other companies sims including one of our aws providers called WIND

  6. T-Mobile get back in the game!!!!!!!

  7. The more carriers that have the phone the more the unlocked price of the phone will go down. Unlocked price should be down to 500.00 in no time.

  8. The Galaxy Nexus is compatible with both T-Mobile and AT&T, and it is sold by Bell and Virgin unlocked in Canada.

  9. @Butters619
    I agree on the Atrix camera. I think it and the iPhone 4 I had when it came out took the best pics I’ve seen from a cellphone. My amaze 4g, vivid, sgs2, skyrocket, nexus a, atrix 2, and inspire or captivate couldn’t match the og atrix our iPhone 4. I have a galaxy nexus coming so don’t really know what the camera is really like and I refuse to buy an iPhone again until they change their screen size.

  10. Nexus devices: good software, bad hardware

  11. Authors  states “those preferring the network’s of other carriers had to settle for the promise that the device would reach new …” but he is wrong. With the gnexus just like 
    the nexus one before it, and  unlike verizon, Canadians have been buying outright the unlocked, no crapware, google wallet gnexus from bell, virgin, expansys.ca,amazon.ca and putting our sim cards from our carriers in since it came out – with the ability to go monthly (wind, …) and move it around as we please. While Canada has issues with our carriers too ( they are all evil pipe companies), we have embraced the no Carrier google ethic abit better. For instance google/samsung/bell/virgin did a joint coming out event and advertising campaign. Can you imagine Verizon working with ATT, as they are now, they fight with google on keeping it pure. I am an american living in canada, and all of us should try not to buy anything from the carriers. More expensive to buy it outright – yes — but would you buy a car  bit a cheaper if it meant that you could only use  your brands gas at 4x the price, allow them to screw with your car’s engine, have them only allow you on certain gated highways, and have your car spy on you – why let them do it on the info highway for a couple of hundred up front.

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