Amazon UK’s Transformer Prime Listing Reverts to Sign-up Page


Well it looks like either something is on the fritz over at Amazon UK. One of our readers has just pointed out that Amazon seems to have reverted their Transformer Prime presale page to the sign-up page often shown when a device has first been announced.

You also can’t find it in search listings when searching for the device. The only way to get there is via this direct link. Current preorderers may not have anything to worry about as we’re told orders don’t appear to be changed.

We’re not sure if this is just a delay or if Amazon just ran out of presale stock but they usually don’t do this for the latter. In fact, I’m not so sure I’ve ever seen them take such action. Perhaps it’s a bug that’s making the page behave in this way. Whatever the case may be we hope this thing ends up shipping soon. [Thanks Mark!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. My preorder for the Grey version is still listing with a jan 12 delivery date

    1. I have just had an email from PC World saying that my unit has been despatched. It is also showing up on the couriers web site as collected from DSG and now at the depot nearers to me.

      1. Thats impressive – I did not think it was officially launched until the 12th in the UK

        1. Its here and charging. One of the silly things I missed was trying to get the tablet to mate with the dock. There are two lugs on the dock and locating holes on the Tablet. Having failed to get it to dock on a couple of try I noticed two small peices of foam packaging in the locating holes. Once removed all was OK.

          There is an update but not ICS.

          1. I am jealous! – lets hope Amazon raises the game and dispatches earlier.I was tempted to order via PC world but my previous experiences with their `customer care and returns `etc put me off

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