Galaxy Nexus Battery Now 50% Off At Verizon Wireless – $20 For A Limited Time


If your recent Galaxy Nexus purchase found the battery life to be a bit… lacking, I have some good news. Verizon Wireless has the official Samsung — NFC enabled — 1850 mAh batter for only $20. That’s half-off the original asking price! Let me tell you, there’s nothing quite as liberating as having a spare battery at hand. Still a bit expensive for a regular ‘ol battery (you can get a 3-pack from China for half that price) but that’s the price you pay to keep full NFC capabilities intact.We have no idea how long this deal will last so you may want to hurry.

[Verizon Wireless]

Via Droid-Life

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  1. $19.99 a bit expensive for a regular ‘ol battery? You kid right? I remember getting a spare standard battery for my DX, DInc and E3D which each went for $39 a pop. $19 is a great price!

    1. Well, I gets mines from a sketchy warehouse in China so…. yeah. O_o

      1. ebay?

  2. Awesome! Thank you!

    Oh by the way Chris are you getting any kick back from Verizon for this?

    Hahaha Just kidding have a Happy New Year!

    1. If you know of a way I can get a kickback from this — let me know ;D

  3. 3-pack from China for half that price? How is the quality? I think you must be kidding. :D

    1. Quality is pretty crappy. Don’t give the same battery life (about an hour less) but you can’t beat that price! Check eBay =)

  4. man if I had a GN and i lived in the U.S I’d buy this in a hearbeat.
    nothing beats official oem batteries. Trust me.

  5. All their 4g batteries are half off. I got the rezound battery for my wifes thunderbolt , and I just picked up the extended battery for my gnexus for 27.05 after tax.

  6. bought the standard AND the 2100mah… $19 and $27 respectively, from the verizon store with free 2 day shipping. I LOVE THIINGS!!!!!

    1. How did you get the free shipping?  $19.99 is a good price but once you add tax and $7.99 on for standard shipping $30.00 is getting back into the ridiculous range. 

      1. went to the verizon store. the extended battery was not available online. dude, go to a BIG verizon store and purchase it. free shipping. got it today (ordered i last friday)  amazing

  7. i dont get what the battery has to do with nfc

    1. The NFC chip is embedded into the battery. So if you swap batteries you have to resetup you nfc stuff or it won’t work.

  8. Verizon management might suck but the staff at my local VZW store were awesome, they let me use my $50 livingsocial coupon for an extended battery and the spare battery charging kit (which comes with a regular battery). Actual cost to me was $40.

    Also, they said there’s a sku in their system for the car DOCK (not the stupid navigation mount) so hopefully we’ll be getting that soon.

    1. Lucky, they wouldn’t let me use the voucher on the battery since it says it can’t be combined with other offers or promotions.  I wanted to just get 2 extended batteries, use the voucher, and call it a day at nearly free.

      But on the other hand, they let me use it on a Motorola Elite bluetooth headset that was 25% off because it was the accessory of the month and they also applied a business discount of 30% off if you purchase more than 1 accessory (i.e. battery + headset) so I really only ended up paying for 1 discounted battery.

  9. I’d stay away from those sketchy Chinese warehouses I here they have std’s up in there.

  10. I picked up a 2100 mAh battery from the verizon store for $25 when I bought the phone

  11. Anyone have any idea if this would work on a phone like the Epic 4G Touch?

  12. Anyone know if this battery will work on the non-Verizon units that are out there?

    1. As long as the mAh’s match the non-Verizon units then yes =)

      1. Thanks. The one that came with mine is 1750mAh, so I guess not.

  13. I’d rather buy from the chinese on batteries. Most include a charger for the batteries. Got mine for 10.65

  14. Its been that price for a few weeks now…ever since the extended battery went on sale for half off.

  15. having a spare battery is definitely nice to have on a plane

  16. I take it the extended battery is sold out on verizon’s website.. I can’t find it on there anywhere??

  17. I got my extended battery 50% off a week ago for like 25+tax… stellar deal!

  18. hell yes! I remember when i had my first Samsung color screen flip phone, i600 i think it was back in like 2003. They wanted $80 for a new battery for that thing!!!

  19. I gave up on spare batteries a long time ago. Now I have a small, slightly larger than the battery, USB output 2400maH rechargeable power source (SIIG 2400), that can fully recharge my GNex and then partially charge it again. I can also use it for my dedicated MP3 player and my wife can charge her Stratosphere off it. Takes up a little more space in my pocket when I’m charging, but it’s way more flexible and I can use the phone charger to charge it up. This way, I don’t have to shut the phones down to swap out batteries during heavy use.

    It’s also really amazing how long the battery lasts when you turn data off in standby. I don’t really need things updating or syncing when I’m not using the phone. It’s been almost 4 days since my last charge.

  20. The cheapest shipping rate is $7. WTF?

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