Cyanogen Mod Team Bringing Custom Google Music App To All Devices


If you though the Cyanogen Mod launcher — Trebuchet — was the only thing CM9 had going for it you’d be wrong. Turns out those wild boys are also working on a modified version of the Google Music player app. Andrew Neal, one of the team’s devs, broke it down for everyone mentioning there will more tweaks and enhancements than you can shake a phone at. No really. One of the tweaks is the ability to set custom shake actions that will work no matter which app you’re in or if the screen is off/on. Completely customizable notification controls will also be found in the app along with a full theme engine to change up the look of the app as desired. Pretty fun stuff.

My only complaint with Google Music is that it’s not very smooth (unless you go into the landscape album view) which I’ve always found frustrating. It’s likely that because this will be replacing the stock music player app in CM9 going forward, streaming your music from the cloud should remain intact (update: it wont until Google releases their streaming API’s. Until then, this music player will remain crippled).

Best part about the new modified Google Music app? Once available in CM9, it will also be available for everyone to download via the Android Market — whether you’re rooted or stock.

Via The Verge

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  1. I REALLY hope they add the ability to automatically sync your music in the cloud onto your device!!!

    Until then…PowerAMP > Google Music

    1. Thankfully, that’s one person’s opinion. With Google Music, I can listen to any of my 4500+ songs without filling up an SD card.

  2. I’m hoping they let you change how the album view looks in landscape mode. It’s sexy in the beta music app. Just a wall of albums.

    1. you know i have that problem. sometimes, in landscape mode, it would show the album art ala “coverflow” (with the albums fading away to the right), but sometimes, it would just show a wall of album arts. What do I have to do to trigger it and use the coverflow view instead?

      1. As far as I can tell, coverflow works on the RECENT tab, and the wall of album art on the ALBUMS tab.

  3. i wish they integrated google maps and music so we dont have to constantly switch to change songs

    1. With notification controls, you wont have to leave Maps! :)

  4. Really looking toward to CM9

  5. WRONG!

    The developer has stated this will NOT have Google Music integration until the API for Google Music is made public.

    Thank you once again Phandroid for not doing the research.

    1. Dude, Chill. If you feel like everything on Phandroid is wrong, go somewhere else. I personally feel like they do a fine job of reporting Android news.

    2. How about just kindly correcting them when wrong…no need to blow things out of proportions. People do make mistakes.

      1. WRONG! it has been posted on a website on the internet, thus must be perfect and without flaws.

        Oh wait, the writers are human…

    3. WRONG! (Sorry, I had to. Feels nice. Now I know why you wrote it)

      I couldn’t get in touch with the developer and ask him personally so I had to go off of the source article which didn’t mention anything. 
      Not to mention I never said in the article that it was a FACT — just mentioned it should allow for streaming (otherwise people will need two separate Google Music apps which would be silly). I admit, I assumed and assumed wrong.

      Thanks for clarifying though <3

      1. BOOM ROASTED!

      2. In a side note. Nice new profile pic ;D

      3. What would be nice is if current music players like PlayerPro and PowerAMP could read the cache files from GMusic…then not having the API for now wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

  6. SIC

  7. i shamelessly use CM for one thing: bring a stock android with current updates to my otherwise unsupported phone.  because of that i dont care about thier little music app… especially when its clearly little more than a side project thats not baked into android.

    things like this bug me because i will always wonder if that dev could otherwise be used to help port 4.0.3 to more devices.  yeah its community, yeah no one can tell him what to work on,but at the end of the day how is this cm at all?

    1. CM is not 100% stock Android. It’s a modified version of it. Tweaking and adding small things to make it “better.” I remember this was actually an issue back in the day on the G1 and some devs would cook up 100% vanilla stock ROMs (with modified kernels). Fun times. =)

      1. i wish they still would to some degree…. sometimes i really just want a PURE %100 vanilla ROM on my EVO

  8. You and your buddy’s step-sister like to party…? O_o

    1. ROFL… Can you guys block these people?

  9. Am I alone in wishing for gapless playback?

  10. Google Music just needs a built in equalizer, and one that can be turned off.  I downloaded one from the market which sounds great, but it screws up the levels when used in my car, so being able to turn it off would be nice.  Maybe if it was built in the integration would be smoother?

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    1. She’s a ho’! Fo’ Sho’

  12. Has Google stated that they are going to release an API for 3rd party streaming?
    I have to have streaming in my music app.

  13. Be nice if Google Music was available in any shape or form outside of the US.

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