[Update] Expansys USA Offering the Unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus for $690


Spotted over at Expansys USA was a quick sale going on for the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus. The lowest we’ve seen this model going for from online retailers in the US was $700 (though that one is back up to $720) so it’s still one of the best deals you can find until respective carriers begin offering the device. 3-5 day delivery is free and, unfortunately, this is only the 16GB configuration with no options to expand memory. If you want to take the plunge on it head over to Expansys. PS: If you happen to find any better deals than that for US subscribers please let us know.

[Update]: Reader Born2Lose points us to Negri who’s offering it for $20 cheaper than Expansys. Thanks!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. PS: If you happen to find any better deals than that for EU or any other NON-US subscribers please let ME know !!!!

    (Thanks Phandroid, for caring so much for your international readers!)


    1. Well pretty much because carriers are offering it so those are the best deals at the end of the day. In the US, everyone but Verizon customers have to buy it unlocked (Sprint customers can’t even use any version of the Nexus here).

      1. I’m pretty sure that a LOT of people outside the US are buying it unlocked because it is cheaper in the long run (including myself). Finding the cheapest unlocked  GSM Galaxy Nexus is still quite a hassle…I have seen prices range from 680 euro’s to as low as 538 euro’s (redcoon website) 
        Still I am not convinced that is the cheapest, so if anyone knows a better deal, I’d like to know about it

          1. Thanks

    2. Actually, we don’t wonder why or care.

    3. In my experience traveling people love the US, seems everyone wants to come here.

      1. Yes, in dutch we have a word for those kind of people: ramp-toerist
        Look it up….

        Seriously, can we get off the US-doesn’t suck tour? I’ll edit it out my original post….

  2. Pass. Unless it includes free tape to hold it together? And a signal booster.

    1. WHAT? My GSM works perfectly, stop trollin.

    2. What do you mean tape to hold it together?

  3. Use code 20OFFLS at Expansys and you can get it for 669.99.

  4. Here is a $30 OFF coupon for Negri: GIFT 
    It is only valid until 1/31/2011. This brings it down to $644.50!!!!!
    Go what are you waiting for.

    1. Doesn’t seem to work now.

      1. That is weird because it worked when I posted that comment, they must be reading Phandroid. Try this one for $25 OFF “sb25offkhk”

  5. Still too much for shortcomings

    1. No not really. Even though I can get it now for $644 I don’t regret paying $710 last month.

  6. Its a great phone. Best I ever had. If you guys have the benjamin’s to throw down then do it!

    1. Personally I like my Note and GSII better, I’m going to sell my GNex.

      1. Whoa, I thought I was in the Twilight Zone there for a second after I read your comment. 

    2. I have the Galaxy SII I9100, I’m not sure if I should buy the Galaxy Nexus

  7. first test picture shot with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 is leaked!
    find it here:

  8. They are also selling it open box on ebay for $615. They just finished selling a batch of four yesterday. Their ebay user id is 
    I know its not a fair comparison but its not like you will get a warranty with the new one. Samsung if infamous for country specific warranties

  9. Ouch thats spendy!  Even those who say US Cell companies make up for there cheap phones through contracts. The math still doesnt add up!

    I got my OG Galaxy S for $75. Even if the cell company took 30% of my monthly bill that comes out to a little over $500 for 2 years. That wouldnt even buy the Galaxy S when it came out if you factor in taxes. Plus I doubt my bill would lower by 30% even if I did but the phone outright

  10. In addition to working on AT&T and T-Mobile… it’s got the elusive and desired “InterMational” support….

  11. I got mine for 644.50 from Negri, I should receive it today. it’s on the delivery truck :D

  12. I’ll keep my HTC Inspire.  It’s a much higher quality made phone.  I ordered an Asus Transformer Prime instead for $499.  That’s a way better way to spend my money.

    1. Cool Bro, let us know in a few months if you still feel that way.

  13. @quentyn:disqus : Please post another update warning people not to order from Expansys!  They lie about items being in stock and are impossible to contact.  I had a terrible experience, along with MANY others.  I warn everyone to NEVER WORK WITH EXPANSYS. 

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