Sprint Giving Select Customers Early Upgrades – Hurry! Offer Ends December 31st


If you’re a Sprint customer, you may want to listen listen up. Seems old Yeller is throwing a silent (read: secret) promotion for certain eligible Premier customers by allowing them to upgrade early. I know, it sounds crazy but look at the above leaked pic for proof. Every phone appears to be up for grabs, meaning you can upgrade that old Evo 4G and finally come up on that Samsung Epic Super Galaxy S II Fantastic 4G Touch phone you’ve been eying in the store window.

Word is, the promotion is only valid in-store — so, you’re going to have to get off the couch and march into a Sprint corporate location (no licensed dealers) and make sure you do it before December 31st when the Holiday upgrade offer will be over. We still can’t guarantee this will work for everyone but it never hurts to try, right?

[Via SprintFeed]

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  1. Seems like they may be trying to clear out some of their wimax inventory, prepping for their lte network to go live some times next year.

    1. Doubt it, LTE is coming out closer to the end of 2012 :/.

      1. naa. do some research braw, Sprint is far head of their original plans… just like they said.. ” an aggressive roll out of LTE.”  next summer you will see Sprint LTE in many markets. its all over then internet via Sprint Press releases.  In fact, they have several markets with LTE at this very moment that are performing far better than originally expected.

        1. agreed.  i think everyone will be surprised how quickly Sprint can flip the switch.  the Wimax hardware and locations are already there.  they just need to changeout to LTE internals.

        2. Yes I know it’s “an aggressive roll out of LTE.” I was there for the live blog of their October meeting. But recently, they said Q3 or early Q4 before we see phones.


    2. I agree with you, with rumors of Sprint upgrading to 4G LTE, they’re most likely trying to get rid of old inventory to make way for the new.
      I got this offer, but I’m not going to do it. I can upgrade by March, and by then they’ll have new phones that are hopefully better than the Galaxy S2, but we won’t be for sure until CES next month…
      I’m enjoying Android 4.0.1 on my old HTC Hero, so why not stick it out?

      1. if they were trying to clear product, would it be a “silent” offer? nah.

  2. Yeah sounds like out with the old and in with the new. Sometimes i wish technology wouldnt move so fast o_O

  3. I actually tried calling them about this, and though it took a while, I finally got what seemed to be the explanation: If you have Premier Gold, and a contract that’s at least a year old, and you’re in good standing (whatever that means exactly, something to the effect of not owing them too much money, I think), then they’ll let you buy out the rest of that contract for a reduced price and become eligible for a full upgrade. The manager I talked to about it said the deal was actually going on until January 7th, also. Because the explanation I got (after eventually reading him the exact wording of the leaked promotion) didn’t match up exactly with what it had said, I’m still not 100% sure it’s the same, but he seemed assured it was, based on the description of checking the Offers tab and the RMS Offers Tool. 

    Also, just for reference, a contract that I have that is 14 months old (8 months to go on the update) would cost $75 to buy it out.

    1. This offer has nothing to do with early termination.  Read the flyer at the top.  Just tell them (IN STORE) to look up your account in the “RMS Offer Tool” and check the “Targeted Offers” tab.  If you’ve had your phone for at least one year they can upgrade your phone now with a managers approval. No cancellation fee required. Worked for me.

  4. Who qualifies? I mean, I got my Photon this past August but would love a Samsung for the ROM support alone.

  5. I’m still going to wait it out until after MWC 2012 to see what new products get announced, also I’m hoping Sprint gets some of the phones announced seeing how they didn’t offer anything spectacular or new for the Christmas sales like Verizon did.

  6. fuck this is made for me lol

    original EVO 4g owner wanting GSII but at the same time if i just wait till my contract is up i COULD be looking forward to a GSIII by that time…… WHAT TO DOOOO

    1. its simple: there will always be a better phone around the corner, so just get the best phone you can NOW (SGSII), and worry about the rest later.  You can always sell your old phone and buy a new phone outright anyway

  7. IMO better to wait for the SG3 or G-Nex.

  8. i compared the SGII to my “old” EVO and was not that impressed.  the resolution appeared tighter on my EVO.  compare icons and web pages side by side.  speed appeared to be the same.  i’ll wait for a real upgrade.

    1. OMG you got to be fucking with me, unless you have a custom rom or something, the SGII is miles above, and I own an EVO 4g as my daily phone, the resolution is amazing on GsII, The Camera, The broser is actually usable, you probably didnt use it right, I guess or just cant admit someone has a better phone.

  9. I’m waiting in till lte before i get a new phone im only 6 months in on my contract anyways the Evo 3d will be just fine for the next 10 months. CES you wont see much from Sprint there they never announce anything good there remember last year nothing 

  10. Wimax is switching to LTE too, so its not going anywhere. They just signed like a 5 year deal or something. And as far as “old inventory”… the old”ish” phones are already set for the switch. Evo 4g? Yup yup.

  11. Has anyone tried this and have they got a new phone from the promation

  12. The “upgrade” just means $175 off the retail price, correct? Why would I reset my contract for 2 more years and still pay over 500 for the SGII? I’m just waiting for the SGIII on a different carrier so I can get it for $199 or whatever.

  13. This deal is legit. Called Sprint customer service first, and was told that this was a retail-only deal and that I’d have to go into a store to see if I was eligible. Did it on my way home from work last night, and within 20 minutes I was walking out with a new phone. The deal, as far as I can tell, isn’t really a “deal” as much as it’s Sprint pushing up the usual upgrade offer for its customers. So you’ll get your $150 discount , as advertised. 

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