Dec 28th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:36 pm

Alright, so we know Fridays’ “leaked” renders of the Samsung Galaxy S III turned out to be nothing more than fan-created concept art but now we’re hearing rumblings around the net that Samsung could be planning to introduce the device at MWC 2012. Okay, so that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given Samsung’s yearly refreshes, but the kicker is that a Korean website is reporting not only will the GSIII be unveiled but that Samsung may incorporate 3D into the device. This would help give Samsung a leg up on the iPhone and also complete their 3D ecosystem adding functionality with their 3D televisions. And here you thought you’d seen the last of 3D smartphones.

When it comes to specs, nothing has been confirmed but I’ll go ahead and play along. Rumors place the device at the “uber-high-end” bracket of Android devices with a Super AMOLED Plus HD display, quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, LTE connectivity and of course, running on Android’s latest Ice Cream Sandwich firmware (with TouchWiz). Still unclear is if the 3D functionality will be available on all Galaxy S III devices or if it will come as a variant (Galaxy S 3D). That being said, to keep costs down, if the 3D model becomes a variant, it could share specs more along the lines of what’s already offered with the Galaxy S II.

I wouldn’t take these rumors with more than a grain of salt but with MWC 2012 only a few more months away — we’ll find out soon enough firsthand with Phandroid reporting live from the event. Given the hate with 3D devices, would you guys be terribly upset to find out the Galaxy S III was a 3D capable device?

[ETNews via UnwiredView]

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