Samsung Galaxy S III Will Have 3D Functionality – To Be Unveiled At MWC 2012 [Rumor]


Alright, so we know Fridays’ “leaked” renders of the Samsung Galaxy S III turned out to be nothing more than fan-created concept art but now we’re hearing rumblings around the net that Samsung could be planning to introduce the device at MWC 2012. Okay, so that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given Samsung’s yearly refreshes, but the kicker is that a Korean website is reporting not only will the GSIII be unveiled but that Samsung may incorporate 3D into the device. This would help give Samsung a leg up on the iPhone and also complete their 3D ecosystem adding functionality with their 3D televisions. And here you thought you’d seen the last of 3D smartphones.

When it comes to specs, nothing has been confirmed but I’ll go ahead and play along. Rumors place the device at the “uber-high-end” bracket of Android devices with a Super AMOLED Plus HD display, quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, LTE connectivity and of course, running on Android’s latest Ice Cream Sandwich firmware (with TouchWiz). Still unclear is if the 3D functionality will be available on all Galaxy S III devices or if it will come as a variant (Galaxy S 3D). That being said, to keep costs down, if the 3D model becomes a variant, it could share specs more along the lines of what’s already offered with the Galaxy S II.

I wouldn’t take these rumors with more than a grain of salt but with MWC 2012 only a few more months away — we’ll find out soon enough firsthand with Phandroid reporting live from the event. Given the hate with 3D devices, would you guys be terribly upset to find out the Galaxy S III was a 3D capable device?

[ETNews via UnwiredView]

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  1. Battery life? a couple of hours….

    1. Cut that in half.

  2.  3d is a dying trend. these companies need to stop like now.

  3. Agree with Jonathan, no 3D please, it’s not needed on a phone.

  4. I never use the 3d on my EVO 3d, I did at first to check it out but no big deal. Good phone but wish they would of kept it more like original EVO. The paint is peeling of it and feels cheap kinda that way

    1. Paint? Whaaaa? My Evo 3D is built like a tank. Loved that phone (still have but since moved onto the SGSII)

    2. It peels off if you put finger nail polish remover on it,or any other paint remover… take care of your phone better bro.

  5. If Android has some sort of official 3D method, then I’m all for it. If a 3D game works on all 3D phones and it can be turned off at will, then why not! With everyone else catching up hardware wise to Samsung (in looks, thinness, screen colors and resolution, processor power, less manufacturers having to work on Android itself thanks to ICS), Samsung needs to differentiate itself again!

  6. It will still have TouchWiz

    1. …which is *awesome*.

  7. Oh man, im already feeling bad buying the Galaxy Nexus. Super amoled plus hd? Ok this is getting kinda ridiculus.i cant even see pixels on my nexus.

    1. Don’t feel bad, when that comes out it will be loaded down with TouchWiz. New phones will always come out 1 – 3 months after purchase that will make you drool, but if you got the Nexus, at least you’ll know yours is updated the most often, is likely the most secure, and has the least amount of bloat of any phone around. I envy you for your phone purchase sir, I can’t get it on T-Mobile yet short of shelling out $700.

  8. Even though I just got the galaxy nexus a couple weeks ago, I am kind of intrigued by what the gs3 could be .if quad core processors prove to be the battery saving technology we’ve been waiting for, I may have to pull the trigger on it. Too bad it’ll have touchwiz though :(…

    1. Even with a quad core system, battery life is not going to be extraordinary. That change will need to occur via a breakthrough in lithium ion tech.

      1. The breakthrough has happened. Now to commercialize on it!

  9. I would say no 3D. I like the quad core, 12 MP plus camera so people can really get rid off their point and shoot cameras, no more 5 MP. 2 GB Ram would be welcome or anything more than the standard 1 GB. No more than 4.7 in screen..

    1. Megapixels hardly matter. Give me bigger sensors.

  10. I like how the image at the top has a faint menu button in the bottom left corner.

  11. I have no interest in 3D on my phone.

  12. 3d is welcome. You don’t like it then turn it off. Come one, choice people! :)

    1. Most people will find the 3D unwelcomed. Adding 3D will increase the cost of the handset as well as compromise the quality of the 2D display. Why should most people pay for something they won’t use and suffer a compromise of display quality? Consumers don’t like 3D as human eyes are not designed for stereoscopic vision hence all the nausea/headache symptoms.

      1. “human eyes are not designed for stereoscopic vision hence all the nausea/headache symptoms”
        You can’t perceive depth?

        1. Human eyes are designed for true 3D, stereoscopic is just a 3D illusion. See this link for full details, it explains it very well: http://blogs.suntimes.com/ebert/2011/01/post_4.html

          1. I would think 3D illusion would work in the exact same way as real 3D. When you look at an object, your eyes receive slightly differently images, from different angles. The same thing happens when you view something on simulated 3D.

            The difference may be that in real life you can control at which point along the depth axis you want to focus; the things farther or closer become blurred. I’m not sure you can do that with simulated 3D. I remember noticing while watching IMAX 3D movies that you can’t really focus on any arbitrary object on the scene, you have to constantly match your focus with what the camera is focusing on. Is that what the article is trying to say? Can you please explain to me the difference between “focus” and “convergence” distance as mentioned in the article?

          2. If you draw an imaginary line from your left eye to what you are looking at, and draw a similar line for the right eye, the point at which the two lines cross is the convergence distance. Irrespective of where the convergence point is, you can focus your eyes at a different length. For real world items, eyes normally focus at the distance they converge. However, with stereoscopic 3D, the distance your eyes focus and converge are different. If you are watching 3D mobile screen from 2 feet away then your focus will always be 2 feet away but your eyes will converge less than 2 feet (for objects that need to leap out from from the screen or they will converge more than 2 feet away (for objects that are meant to be in the distance). All the different 3D technologies like red/green filter, polarised light and these new fangled glasses-less 3D screens are just different ways to trick the brain into thinking you are looking at 3D by giving each eye a slightly different view. It can never be true 3D because what you are looking at will never change distance like real objects (the screen will always be pretty much the distance you’re viewing it whether that’s a mobile phone screen, TV or cinema screen). Also, moving your head side to side or viewing the screen from any other angle than head on would also not give you the same affect real world 3D gives. Hope this explains the matter.

          3. Further more, most 3D cinema films have really deep 3D intro scenes that show a lot of depth. This is really fatiguing for the eyes and most people could not handle this level of stress for the entire film. This is why the 3D depth is dialled back substantially for the rest of the film. The depth is only used for intro sequences and key scenes in the film. 

          4. @Technohead95:
            I see, convergence depends on the horizontal movement of your eyes, toward or away from each other. Focus depends on what your eye lenses are focusing at, that is, their current focal length. Thanks for clearing it up.

            Anyways, that isn’t a problem for me. I remember watching Tron Legacy, which had long sequences of really deep 3D. I don’t remember being bothered by it.

            Back on topic, I wish they’d make the UI elements 3D too, that would be really nice.

        2. I perceive depth just fine, but 3d still gives me glasses, so imo its worthless. However, I disagree with OP, if consumers hated 3d the stupid 3d movies wouldn’t sell so well.

          1. here’s an advise… TURN THAT SHJIT OFF

    2. Having owned the E3D since it came out…3D is a nice tool to have. Funny seeing people who do not have it, be so invested in nobody else getting to see it. Haha

  13. 2GBs of RAM is ridiculous, but I certainly wouldn’t complain about it. I have only 512MB of RAM on my Fascinate (actually, it’s more like 346, since the system uses a bunch of RAM), and I can only keep like 2 apps open at the same time without newer apps closing the older apps. Multitasking would be a breeze with 2 gigs of RAM. And 3D isn’t a necessity to me, but as long as it can be turned off I don’t mind it being in the device.

    1. 1 gig in my gnex and Tasker is constantly telling me I’m low on memory. 8

  14. “This would help give Samsung a leg up on the iPhone” Sorry when has Samsung(or HTC, motorola, huawei) ever fallen behind in Apple in terms of smartphone features?

    1. Since always…

      1. So iPhone had better notification before android? They had multitasking before android? They had the ability to change wallpapers, have video recording etc? Damn I could list so many. They have always been behind in smartphone technology. And will always be

        1. While I agree with most of your points, not the last. They weren’t behind when iphone 1, 3g, and 3gs came out. Once the 4 hit, Android caught up and blew past them.

      2. you got OWNED

  15. Liked the HTC Evo 3D except the 2D quality wasn’t tht gud .  Am waiting for an IMAX phone to show up.. :-)

  16. My Galaxy Nexus and I are very happy thank you

  17. no 3d please, thanks.

  18. Lol at 3G on that hahaha … Unnecessary feature that will drain battery … Thanks Sammy… I wont buy.

  19. I purchased the SGS1 and loved it. Soon as the SGS2 came out I upgraded to it and am still loving it. If the SGS3 comes with 3D then I will not be upgrading to that. I may switch to a different Android handset when I need to upgrade. 3D is just the worst gimmick ever. Human eyes are not designed for stereoscopic viewing which is why so many people report of symptoms like head aches and nausea when viewing such displays. Even if there is an option to not view the device in 3D, I hate the fact that I would be paying for additional cost for a feature I did not use. It will also affect the quality of the 2D screen in some way (e.g. touch sensitivity, brightness, etc). So no 3D for me please, else I will be jumping ship.

  20. Even with those impressive specs, this whole black slate form factor has gotten stale to me. They need to skip 3D and move right ahead to flexible screens or provide more insight into that transparent teaser they put up a few weeks back. 

  21. Whatever the actual specs are, my upgrade is due in May and I bet by then it will be released in some parts of the world and I’ll be left with the decision to upgrade to whatever is available or wait a few more months for AT&T to sell it.

  22. I can see how this could be good news.  HTC and LG have released their 3D phones, and yeah, cool effect, but not practical for every day use by any means.

    Hopefully though with Samsung releasing a 3D phone, maybe this will push for 3D support in AOSP?  Would be nice to have the fun of AOSP with 3D games and pictures/movies support too.

  23. no 3D for me please.

  24. I want the 3d wont get a new phone unless it has it no 3d i wont buy it love my EVO 3D bigger screen higher res sound perfect.How does 3d add  to the cost my evo 3d was 199.99 if i waited a month or two could have got for under a 100 only Verizon charges over 250 for phones.Just like a 3d tv if you dont want to use it you don’t have to i don’t understand all the hate of 3d i love it movies and games look way better

    1. Your comment sounded in my head like a robot reading something in a monotonous voice. Please use punctuation.

  25. Looks like I won’t be getting the gs3,because 3d is garbage

  26. Ill take a 2d flavor with holographic images (4d) lol

  27. How about giving people the freedom to choose? Wether its 3d or non 3d…

    1. As long as there is no compromise on screen quality

  28. LTE connectivity with Verizon’s famous locked and encrypted boot loader technology. Did we mention touchwiz overlay technology to even hog more battery and resources?

  29. 3d hd will be cool. There will be a buttom to turn on/off 3d.

  30. I don’t hate my lg thrill…just wish they would update it though.

  31. Just another product that will be a copy of the iPhone design…

    1. Really? Your so old. Come up with something better you wasteman

    2. How does it copy iPhone’s design? The HTC Evo 3D was first to come up with 3D technology in their phones, and now Apple submitted a patent for their upcoming iPhone 5 to have 3D capabilities, now Samsung is apparently getting into it as well.
      If anything, it’s copying HTC tech, but it’s no where close to the design of the iPhone. Also, how do you know what it looks like if all we have to go on is fan-based concept images? lol

      1. Wrong LG was the first one to announce it. HTC was first to have it out on the market.

    3. Not with those jowls.

    4. Here’s the noose.  Please do the right thing.  Thanks.

    5. take the iphone out of you ass..you dimwit..hope you dont father…caused they might turn to be as retarded as you.an dimwitted ifruit….tell apple to thank lg for the copy of their design.

  32.  I will not buy the device at all if it has 3D. 3D on a phone is just plain stupid, and I will not support it at all!! Major fail Samsung!!

  33. Awesome, more 3D competition with better camera and screen would be greatly appreciated! I’ve had the EVO 3D since Day 1. It takes good photos, but I don’t think the sensor is as good as the SGS II. For those who complain about 3D, its a matter of turning it on or off. It’s kind of ridiculous that I have to explain to people that it’s not always 3D. I’ve managed to take impressive photos with 3D on. For those that cannot view 3D, you can view it in 2D.

  34. Not so sure about that quad-core deal… weren’t they working on a dual core 2ghz ?

    1. Yes! The Exynos 5250 is a 2GHz Dual-Core Cortex-A15 SoC which has to be the chip going into the SGS3

  35. i want just simple like ICS on sgs2

  36. 3D is a waste of time IMO, mostly a gimmick and detracts from a good film’s story.

  37. I’m all for it having 3D. If it really does, then it will almost certainly be my next phone. 

    It’s pretty funny how many people are commenting when they have obviously never used 3D. Let me clear a few things up.

    1: 3D doesn’t cause headaches, nausea, etc, in most people. You almost never hear about people going to the latest 3D movie and then complaining of headaches, nausea, etc. These symptoms are caused by the active 3D GLASSES, and not the 3D itself. The shutters opening and closing are what cause problems for some people. You never hear about these problems on the passive 3D glasses, in the movies (which also use passive 3D glasses), or on the displays that don’t require glasses.

    2: You don’t have to always view everything in 3D. If you have a 2D wallpaper, video, picture, whatever, it will show up in 2D. If you have Avatar 3D, you have the choice to view it in 2D or 3D. So if 3D bothers you, view everything in 2D. You’re not forced to view everything in 3D just because the phone is capable of it. 

    3: The main benefit of a 3D phone is not to watch a movie on your phone. The real benefit is taking 3D pictures and shooting 3D videos. You then watch those videos on your 55 inch 3D TV. And hopefully your tv doesn’t have the active shutter glasses so you don’t get those headaches or nausea that everyone seems to be worried about (which is rare even on those active shutter glasses).

    4: 3D is the next progression in TV tech. We went from black and white to color, to progressive, to HD, to 3D. Eventually every tv will be 3D capable. So you might as well make sure your home videos and pictures are compatible. You can always view them in 2D even if you shoot them in 3D (as stated in point # 2), but you might as well have them in 3D in case you come around some day.

    5: 3D does not hurt the quality of 2D. You don’t like 3D, view it in 2D. Quality is not lost at all. Not sure how that rumor got started but just go ahead and kill it right now. I have taken plenty of 3D pictures on my Evo 3D and and sent them to people who don’t have a 3D phone, uploaded them to Facebook, etc, and the quality is the same.

    6: 3D is absolutely not a dying tech. All of the biggest movies every year are in 3D. With so many huge movies being in 3D every year, there is no way they are going to suddenly decide to stop making them. And with movies comes bluray sales. If they can get paid again when it’s released on bluray, they aren’t going to suddenly say, “We decided not to accept this truckload of cash.” So 3D will live on. And the number of 3D TVs will continue to grow every year. In a few years you won’t be able to buy a TV that doesn’t have 3D capabilities. 

    7: Haven’t we been through all of this with HD? Everyone saying it was pointless, wouldn’t last, needed a single format, etc? Now you can’t buy a TV that isn’t HD, and everyone is happy about that. Learn from history.

    8: Even old movies are getting redone with 3D added. See the upcoming Star Wars 3D as an example (or the Lion King). This wouldn’t happen if most people hated 3D, and/or 3D was a dying tech.

    I have the Evo 3D since launch day. I also have a 3D TV as part of my home theater. I only plan to buy TVs and phones that have 3D going forward. And I am fairly confident that most people will feel the same way if they actually get a 3DTV and 3D phone. (assuming they get the passive set that doesn’t cause headaches or nausea, if they have issues like that with the active shutter glasses)

  38. I would rather see Samsung invest more into build quality, software updates or useful phone features (i.e. induction charging) than waste their time and resources on a gimmick like 3D. Just ask Nintendo or HTC how well their 3D devices sold compared to others…

    1. “Just ask Nintendo or HTC how well their 3D devices sold compared to others…”

      Yes, ask Nintendo about the record sales of the 3DS:

      Or ask HTC about the Evo 3D sales:

      The fact is 3D is not a bad thing for most people. In fact, most people prefer it.

  39. Fuck 3D garbage. Just give me a flexible, scratch proof, transparent and holographic phone.
    Samsung posted a concept mobile device video on youtube recently. And I’m totally in l love with it.

  40. i wish we all go back to 2g tech…no.but i do hope mayb e they can create a teleporter smartphone.

  41. Do not want 3D, and do not want to carry around disabled 3D functionality.  Concentrate on improving 2D cameras instead.

  42. Going to have to be careful how I word this, but here goes:

    I like 3D.
    Wait, that wasn’t right. I like 3D when it’s done well. I love my 3DS, I loved TRON:Legacy in the cinema. I HATE converted 3D. I like the idea of 3D in a phone and hope more companies incorporate it.
    That said, will I buy the S3? Probably not. For one reason: TouchWiz. If that is going to be a reason I won’t get updates in the future, I won’t buy a device with it, I’ll stick with a Nexus.

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