Trebuchet Launcher Alpha for Android 4.0.3+ Alpha Now Available for Download


The developer behind Trebuchet launcher (which will be in CyanogenMod 9) has updated his application with some new features and brought to the public an alpha version available for download.

Trebuchet launcher is based on Ice Cream Sandwich’s launcher, as you might imagine, and it adds some very nice features that users have been clamoring for. Just take a look at this list of what’s already available and what’s set to come sometime down the line.


  • Custom number of Homescreens ☑
  • Enable/Disable Persistent Search Bar ☑
  • Separated Apps/Widgets in Drawer ☑
  • Resize Any Widget ☑
  • Show and Fade Scrolling Indicator in Homescreen and Drawer ☑
  • Enable/Disable Auto-Rotate ☑
  • Drawer Apps Sorting (Title, Install Date) ☑

Planned Features

  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Dock (Custom pages and size)
  • Transition Effects (Homescreen and Drawer)
  • Backup and Restore

I don’t know about you guys but the custom homescreen count is enough to get me excited, let alone all these great features. If you want to download the alpha head over to XDA. This one’s for Android 4.0.3 or later, apparently, so be sure to hold off until you get that update sometime soon.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. i use it with Samsung Galaxy S Android 4.0.3 and pretty good launcher.

  2. Seriously? a new launcher already? I love custom ROMs, but the Galaxy Nexus is pretty vanilla and should perform flawlessly. This is cool, but definitely unnecessary.

  3. Nova Launcher has most of these features already and works with Android 4.0.2. It’s smooth as butter too.

  4. nova ftw

  5. I’m failing to see what makes this better than Nova Launcher. Infinite scrolling is the only thing that caught my eye, and it’s not even implemented yet. Nor is dock scrolling, which is a key feature in Nova for me.

    1. What makes it better than the Nova Launcher (which is also based on the stock ICS launcher), is that it’ll be the default CM9 launcher and probably outlast Nova.

      As far as “infinite scrolling” goes… that should just be renamed “wraparound scrolling” since it makes infinitely more sense. Tiny downside of seemless wraparound scrolling is that the cool effect where the screen tilts on the last homescreen won’t be seen.

      1. Maybe that infinite scrolling feature will be under settings versus default. That way that screen tilt look will be still there when not switched on.

  6. Best name for a launcher yet, if nothing else…

  7. Are there any truly ICS compatible launcher that can be used with phones that are not rooted? In other words, a stock Galaxy Nexus LTE.

    1. Nova Launcher. Already does most of what this will. There’s a download on DroidLife. I’m using it now. Very nice, 

    2. Go Launcher works just fine with my Galaxy Nexus LTE

  8. I know it’s “impossible” but somebody really should release an ICS launcher for 2.3 devices =(

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