Intel’s Medfield SoC Benchmarked, Almost Ready for Prime Time


Intel’s first real system-on-a-chip for mobile devices, its Medfield processor, has been making the rounds lately as it inches closer and closer to a final release. The CPU was shown off to MIT’s Technology Review earlier in the month as the focal point of a reference tablet as well as a reference smartphone, and now details are emerging on how the CPU stacks up in benchmark tests. A 1.6GHz model was tested in a tablet design utilizing 1GB of RAM and its score of 10,500 stacked up nicely against the 7,500 of NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 and the 8,000 of the Snapdragon MSM8260. It is worth noting that the clock speed on the Medfield SoC was slightly higher than the models it was tested against, but the results are promising nonetheless.

In terms of power consumption things weren’t looking as great, but Intel is working to reduce battery drain and match or best its competitors. At idle the Medfield chip pulled 2.6W and 3.6W during heavy use. The chip maker hopes to bring idle power consumption down to 2.0W and have HD video playback top out at a 2.6W draw.

[via Engadget]

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  1. iphone 5

    1. Here Oleg, let me finish your statement…  “sucks”…..  there now your sentence is complete. Toodles.

  2. I find it amazing that a company like intel can be so late to such a huge market they make incredible chips for computers and I’m sure when they get deep into the mobile market they will trump their competitors

    1. I am hopeful that Intel can provide the competition to push the mobile market as fast and furious as the desktop

  3. can we stop making stuff look like the iphone? i mean really now…

    1. I agree! I won’t buy anything that looks like the iphone.  We call that iphony.

    2. Doesn’t even resemble the iPhone, not even close.
      This is actually pretty to look at

      1. Actually, it really does look like the gay love child of an iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4

  4. Be careful with the iPhone comments guys, GoAndroidForever is going to get all pissy about it XD

  5. It’s a reference device that will never be sold, so I doubt even a Apple will care.

  6. the prettiest phone i have ever seen.

  7. So next year we’ll see both Intel and MIPS play catch up with ARM.  That should further price competition nicely.  Intel will be the AMD of mobile chips.

  8. I honestly believe Intel will change the game up dramatically once they get the power consumption under control. These guys aren’t new to the game, they’ve been around and have a great track record.

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