Custom ROM Makes ICS Face Unlock Available to Nexus S Users


What’s better than unlocking your phone with your finger? Unlocking your phone with your FACE. And now even the Nexus S will drop its lockscreen at the sight of your beautiful face. A custom ROM is necessary (of course), but the best Galaxy Nexus party trick is available for both the GSM Nexus S and the Nexus S 4G. The available ROMs are based off of the Android 4.0.3 AOSP release and the installation journey begins at the source link below. Don’t call it a gimmick, it’s the future!

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Don’t understand why the Nexus S has this on a CUSTOM rom…The Galaxy S II has it by default on their official leaked roms

  2. ICS on the Nexus S doesn’t have face unlock?

    1. yeah :(  I guess they needed something in the Galaxy Nexus to make it sell

  3. I’m hoping this feature makes it to more devices, it’s not like the carriers can block this app…

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