Sony Ericsson Xperia Active Takes a Pummeling, Keeps on Ticking


The Sony Ericsson Xperia Active can take a beating, but it isn’t invincible, is it? This collection of videos suggests otherwise, as the handset designed to survive the stresses put on it by an active user is tortured in a way that makes Hostel look like a Disney flick. Nearly every implement imaginable is take to the Xperia Active before it is tossed around in a puddle and run over by a jeep. Throughout it all the phone continues to power on and work without a hitch. Impressive.

The videos not only speak to the rugged design of the Xperia Active but also to the quality level of materials available to manufacturers today. Notably, the nearly indestructible Gorilla Glass display.

Kevin Krause
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  1. That is amazing! Although it did finally get a crack after the crescent wrench! lol

    1. I think thats a smudge. I didnt see a crack on the last part of the last video. Of course, the first video couldve been the last recorded.

      1. you can see all the scratches reflecting from the flashlight in the last video. It didn’t break, which is amazing, but after all that, I don’t think it would be too enjoyable to use :p

  2. Some of these crash test videos just take it too far sometimes, but the phone is sturdy to be honest.

  3. Now that’s a true superphone.

  4. He also didn’t use the pointed side of the hammer.

  5. As for the puddle test – two years ago I fell into a lake with a SE X10. It’s been working with no glitch even after that. SE phones are very well built.

  6. i want to see an iphone go through the same test

    1. An iPhone will get cracked, if it goes through the same test. lol. It’s not an Android.

  7. It just won’t die :D I want it im forever dropping my Xperia Play and thats scuffed to hell :(

  8. I noticed when he turned it on then locked it again that Sony stole the whole Nexus “retro tube TV” lock animation. Naughty naughty. But sturdy phone, nonetheless. 

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