MultiPonk for Android Provides 3D Pong on a Table Like You’ve Never Seen It [Video]


The folks at Fingerlab have just announced that their game, MultiPonk, is now available for Android. MultiPonk is a play on the word multi-pong and that’s exactly what this game is – a game of multi-pong. Up to four people can play MultiPonk on devices from smartphones to tablets.

Seven game modes, eleven bonuses and five ball sizes create crazy experiences. Imagine many dozens of marbles being whipped back and forth across the table.

It really is an interesting game and one you should strongly consider downloading for $1. That’s the introductory price and it will go up to $5 after some time so you’ll want to grab it sooner rather than later if the video above interests you. Find it in the market here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. If I had a tablet and a credit card, I’d so get it right now

  2. sweet its like air hockey with marbles ;)

  3. I see the awesome touch lag I have come accustom to with games and music apps is still present. Thanks Android =(

  4. I grabbed it for .99¢

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