Samsung Gives Early ICS Roadmap, Includes Galaxy S II & Galaxy Note for Q1 2012


Samsung’s not keeping quiet on their plans to upgrade some of their consumers to the latest and greatest version of Android. They’ve already committed to an early roadmap that should see most of their dual-core devices getting the upgrade.

Starting out, the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II are expected to receive their upgrades in Q1 2012. Unbranded versions will likely meet this deadline but it may take longer for carriers who control software updates (a majority of the world’s carriers, including the infamous United States’). Here are the full list of ICS-upgradeable devices, though Samsung hasn’t given a timeframe for the rest of the list:


It’s unfortunate to see that the initial list excludes their single-core Hummingbird devices. It’s especially odd considering the Nexus S has the same chipset inside and is already getting the update in some parts of the world. Of course, their phones run TouchWiz so there’s no telling what sort of complications that introduces when planning software upgrades.

In any case, Samsung has been quite good about providing quick updates to unlocked phones, though as we’ve seen with the Galaxy S line carriers might hold them back from getting the upgrade out to all devices in a respectable amount of time. [via Samsung Tomorrow]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Samsung will never update those devices.  They will pay lip service to saying they will, but they will just release 200 more phones and expect you to buy a new one as the “upgrade”.   Meanwhile they continue to release device after device that doesn’t even work properly on the OS it is on because of their crappy touchwiz overlay.  Been burned too many times by Samsung.

    1. You do notice the international versions get updated timely. Also, stated in the article. Its the carriers methods as to why the slow updates come. I mean its the same phone so what else would be the hold up?

    2. Funny, I seem to remember a LOT of people swearing on a stack of bibles that Sammy would never upgrade the original Epic to gingerbread too… Thanks for the prognostication, Kreskin…

      1. Funny how they don’t mention their Galaxy S1 phones at all but the Nexus S got the update last week and it runs on the same 1Ghz Hummingbird Processor, real funny.

        Pull out your bible.

      2. There’s no legitimate reason that the Galaxy S1 (Vibrant, Epic, etc) can’t run ICS. There’s even less reason for the Vibrant to be stuck on Froyo. While it may not ALWAYS apply to EVERY phone they make, in general they suck hard at updating/supporting their devices. This is compounded by the fact that you can’t call 911 on a non-stock rom on the Vibrant. In other words, the only way to get the phone to run well (with the JIT compiler in GB) is to give up the ability to call 911. That’s crap.

    3. Never update?

      Fascinate SGS1: Updated OTA to GB.

      It would appear you are wrong.  Just goes to show, using words like “never” will almost always make you, well…wrong.

      I’ll be amazed if they update it to ICS, but considering it’s already running ICS thanks to the great 3rd party devs we have for that phone…who cares?

      1. So the Nexus S gets the update but the other 10 million+ Galaxy S1 phones aren’t going to get and all you say is who cares, you my friend have once again proven why the Nexus phones are the best.

        ICS running on early 2010 hardware, Google’s doing it right.

        1. Best?  Depends.  If you care what “number” your OS is?  Sure. 

          Hint:   While we might put some stock in those “numbers”…most folks, my wife included, don’t.

          1. So your cool with knowing that if you buy a new Samsung phone that it won’t get updated for that long? I know that most people don’t care but most of them don’t even know what they are missing. I always have dozens of people asking me about why can’t their phone do this or why mine gets faster data speeds on the same network, etc. One of the big ones that I used to hear was “I wish I could download more apps but my internal memory is full” and then Google sent out 2.2 with apps to SD but millions of phones wouldn’t get that update for months or not get it at all. Another example is when the G1 got 1.5 it doubled the battery life or the fact that ICS speeds up any phone and also gives you better battery life. These are things that the common man would really benefit from but doesn’t realize that it is out there, the Nexus makes Android better for the tech savvy and non-tech savvy, it’s a win win situation.

            Android is like the iPhone and WP7 in where the things that make them really good is 70% software and 30% hardware.

          2. “So your cool with knowing that if you buy a new Samsung phone that it won’t get updated for that long?”

            What drugs are you on?  I never said that.  I never even implied it.

            Do you just like arguing, or what?

            For clarity: No, I am not OK with it…which is why I buy Nexus devices.  For the rest who don’t care?  They can buy whatever the hell they want and I couldn’t care less. 


          3. Yeah I do like arguing and what do you mean by “crystal?”

          4. lol…okay, at least you’re honest. I’ll bite:

            Hint: “For clarity:” followed by Crystal?”

            Try not to kick yourself too hard. ;)

          5. I see, well we learn something new everyday, LOL.

      2. That’s why my samsung vibrant didn’t get the update to GB.  I think it is what the carriers are trying to push and not.  I’m glad google has made the manufacturers to agree to upgrade all phones for 2 years after their release to get the fragmentation.  Unfortunately that happened after the vibrant came out.  Or at least mine.

        1. There’s no doubt that bites for those of us who care about what version of the OS we’re on, but as a knowledgeable vibrant user, I’m betting you’re not using the stock ROM…are you?

          …if you are, ICS is already running on that device according to a quick glance at XDA’s forums.  You can bet CM or MIUI is at least stable if not 100% functional if they’re working on ICS already.  (Do you know if they’ve fixed the 911-bug in CM for the vibrant yet?  I know they fixed it within about a day for the Fassy…)

          1. They officially dropped support for the Vibrant because of the 911 bug. Apparently the issue with the Vibrant can only be resolved by using a stock rom = (     I’m running GB Cyanogen, but with no 911 calling abilities. Samsung can die in a fire for all I care at this point. There’s no excuse for a phone as recent as the Vibrant to be stuck on Froyo.

          2. That is odd…because, like I said, they fixed the 911 issue with the Fascinate in like…24 hours.

            sbrissen and dfgas hit that one out of the park.  I cannot imagine it’s that much more difficult on the Vibrant.


            …but then, I know nothing of radios and wizards.  ;)

          3. I agree it’s odd. I think it has something to do with some proprietary code that the Vibrant stock roms use to communicate with T-mobile’s network or some jazz. I also am no expert. 
            How long ago did they fix the Fascinate? They announced dropping Vibrant support on 12/12/11.

          4. “@miuius Thank you sbrissen for your help on 911 calls, Mesmerize MIUI is a go, … YAY!!

            8:54 PM Dec 12th via web in reply to dfgass”

            sbrissen is a BEAST.

          5. Nice! That’s a ray of hope! 

    4. you think it would make a major press release about upgrading the phone and and not doing it? did samsung hurt you?

    5. and we BELIEVE it will happen

  2. would be cool if i was announced as the winner from last fridays video challenge so i can get my tab 7.0 plus and get that ics upgrade :)

  3. Nice to see the Tab 7.7 being listed, just hope they make a non-carrier, wifi only model.

  4. So this means ATT two versions of gsll?

  5. Aaaaand, still glad I have the Nexus S with ICS :)

  6. Samsung are just a bunch f$c@ing losers and I agree fully with individual11. In any case, whoever wants Samsung’s approval to upgrade the Galaxy S. Hell, I’m already running Android 4.0.3 on it and it’s way better than the sh@t that Samsung plans to release official on its @hi#wiz skin. Damn you to hell Samsung!

    1. come on, man…tell us how you really feel…

  7. If I remember correctly from earlier this year….I believe Google changed the licensing agreement with the manufacturers?  I thought they wrote in that on all new devices going forward the manufacturers have to provide OS updates for 18 months or am I just crazy?

  8. Stratosphere should get it right? It just came out a month ago.

  9. Well, I doubt I’d choose Samsung’s Touchwiz-based ICS for my Cappy anyway, so I’ll just stick to the ‘to-be-CM9’ ICS ROM I’m currently using and be happy with it. It may not be the most stable ROM I’ve used, but I can’t imagine using anything else now.

  10. ICS should be put on the samsung galaxy epic 4g because the gingerbread update they sent out is buggy

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  12. SAMSUNG USA needs to announce their own roadmap because we all know how we get the updates later than the rest of the world

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