“DROID RAZR Maxx” Finds Its Way Into Verizon’s System


Well well well, what do we have here? It looks like Big Red is getting ready to introduce a variant of the RAZR as one “Motorola DROID RAZR Maxx” has made its way into the Verizon’s systems. There still no word on what this device will be (everyone was tipped off to it earlier this month) but our benefactor Droid-Life suspects it could be one of those 720p display-toting, 13 megapixel camera-having RAZR variants currently out in China. The biggest mystery, though – why are there two Xs?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The Razr just came out (again :p) And now they introduce another RAZR!
    I swear!
    Phones are going through a life cycle of 3 months before something better of the same line comes out.

    1. Motorola likes to do that; Droid 2, Droid R2D2, Droid 2 Global…

  2. Just when I thought I was getting the Nexus… they pulllll me back in!

    RAZR Maxx, I love your Gorilla Glass, your Kevlar back, your 13mp camera and your 4.5″ SAmoled @ 720p display oh my! 

    Tell me you also have Ice Cream Sandwich & this deal is done! Tell me, tell me now dammit lol

    1. No ICS that’s for sure, but I’m guessing the RAZRs and D4 will be the first phones to get it for Moto.

      1. replied to wrong person…

    2. Gorilla glass is just normal tempered glass, it’s nothing special.
      Kevlar is nice and all, but who seriously gives a shit? It looks ugly and provides almost 0% protection against almost anything.
      13mp doesn’t even matter at all, like seriously, at all.
      My guess is that it will take pictures really slowly, and they will have a lot of noise.
      last point is valid though, can’t beat 720p amoled :P

      Sorry to burst your bubble

      1. butthurt about getting your nexus much?

        No microSD

        Crappy screen

        even worse camera



        1. Crappy screen? Super AMOLED 720p  HD is crappy? It’s the same screen as this Razr Max there dipshit.

        2. so your trying to say you would have motorolas shitty ui instead stock ice cream sandwhich you motorola fans are so stupit comparing googles main phone to stupit droids they make one evrey week and they are all gay and slow compared to galaxy nexus ive had droids htc sensation they are all slow and crappy and the numbers dont matter when the make a nexus they pick the best chips and they optomize it 

          i have my galaxy nexus and i made a deal with myself to not buy all these other phones nexus line is the best  stock android

          1. moto wins hand down sammy has signal issues and update issues just wait on the next unlocked moto everyone will want it (og droid), and i have a htc and sammy but moto is better

          2. there are no update issues on nexus’, they get the updates before any other phone

          3. I will wait for the Droid razr Maxx that will blow the Nexus Gaxaly away

        3. I don’t even have a Galaxy Nexus, I’m just stating facts, but lets start at the top:
          No MicroSD: I don’t give a shit
          Crappy screen: wat
          Even worse camera: I didn’t say the camera was bad, I said mexapixels don’t matter.
          PLASTIC: Same as MicroSD.

          also: 0/10

      2. Thank you for pointing out what I SHOULDN’T LIKE!

        I feel much better after reading the dario scrolls

        1. lol @ “the dario scrolls”

      3. “Gorilla glass is just normal tempered glass, it’s nothing special.” Lol, you are a moron.

  3. Why are there 2 “X’s?”  Because everyone knows that extra “X’s” make everything at least 20% cooler.

  4. Um… I only see ONE “X” in the ad. YOU wrote two “X’s” in your article. So, yes, I agree… why ARE there two “X’s”?

    1. It also doesn’t say “Droid” in that pic.

      1. The pic isn’t the leak. The Maxx in Verizon’s systems is the leak (not pictured). 

    2. I shopped that pic when it was FIRST leaked as the Max. Now it’s Maxx apparently.. =p

  5. There are two XX’s because the original RAZR had a follow up called the RAZR MAXX.  It was thicker than the RAZR to accomodate a 3G radio, before technology allowed the 3G radio to squeeze into the OG RAZR.  In short, its a throwback….

  6. because there was a razr maxx long ago in flip form…and it was also on VZW

  7. It has the double “X” because it is replacing the Droid X.  I was thiiiis close to getting the nexus, now I’m rethinking it a bit.

    Is it still the same guts of the phone pushing out that higher quality display?

  8. Good think i got my nexus at beatbuy so i have 30 days in case i like this better

  9. I also don’t get it. There is only one X in the ad. The only place I see two X’s is from the person who wrote the article.

    1. The ad isn’t what was leaked. That’s just a shopped pic I made when it was only the “MAX.” Now it’s the MAXX so I fixed the image.. =)

  10. Razr with a bigger battery, that’s all.

    1. You could be just about right sir….good point. Verizon is not going to release basically a new phone with a very odd 13 MP camera and an HD screen. Why 13? LOL They could but I doubt it….

      1. no matter how many mp moto puts in their cameras still suck. They need better sensors not more mp.

  11. They should wait until they can put ICS on this.  if they were smart they would not put a skin on it too.

  12. If this is released with stock ICS, I would be all “Bye bye GNX.  So nice to have met you in passing.”

    One can dream, right?

    1. I went in to buy a Nexus and couldn’t keep my eyes off the Razr. Even with poorer resolution, the screen is more vivid. I also don’t care for the GM buttons. And that screen is 4.3 viewable that 4.65 is slashed by the buttons.

  13. And the Original Droid Razr is now obsolete!

  14. It is not shown from the side. I’d speculate it is thicker than original RAZR.

    1. The leak just showed it in Verizon’s system. The picture above is just a shopped one I made.

  15. Since it has that big camera hopefully it has the new camera that Phandroid posted a while back the one that gives it no hump at the back so it will be truly flat

    1. Motorola really loves that hump..

      1. its the razr’s lovely lady lumps

  16. 2 x’s for a double dose of pimping!!! :D


  17. Wow I would be extremely pissed if I am a Razr owner right now. Why not just postpone the Razr and put this out instead of pushing the Razr like crazy then a month later having one that corrects most of the crappy parts of it.

  18. it is the same number as the razr, some are saying the only difference will be the screen and a little thicker for a bigger battery. Same internals as the razr and bionic…

  19. So going by Motorola’s naming pronunciation of late, would it be pronounced Droid Razr Mazz to fit with the Xoom and Xyboard?

  20. That’s ridiculous Motorola needs to add the display and camera instead of coming out with all these inconsistent devices.

  21. I’m glad I do not like Motorola phone’s or I’d be pissed off about the way they do business.

  22. As soon as I saw this

    Damn…I’d be soooooooooooooooo
    Pissssssssssssssssssssssssed if I was a Motor Razor owner right now
    The way they treated droid 1234 I’m no surprised. I dont see myself ever getting a motor phone…well the good stuff’ s always in the U.S anyways..

  23. If I wanted a phone with immovable battery I’d get a iPhone

  24. I may return my Razr if this is due out soon. Worth the $35.

  25. You all take this way to far. If you didn’t know moto would do this it probably doesn’t matter to you. If you did know they would do this why are you bitching. Who cares. “Oh my word, id be so mad if id of bought a razr” wow. Then don’t buy one.

    Who cares if moto releases phones fast and makes the others seem outdated. They really aren’t. But some suckers may think so. Another phone will soon be released outdating your precious little phone regardless of what company makes it. So don’t cry about it. Or go get an iphone I see them complementing each other about their outdated phones all the time.

  26. Could Razr Maxx just be the new name for the Droid4? Since the both have the Razr’s design and Maxx is the slide out keyboard…

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