Galaxy Nexus – Root, Recovery, Bootloader and More [LTE + GSM]


So the Galaxy Nexus is out and you’re wondering how to crack the device clean open (not literally, of course) and get started with some custom ROMs, mods and more. Don’t look too much further than this post as everything you need (LTE and GSM owners alike) is right here.

Learn how to root the device here. Learn how to install a custom recovery on that rooted device here (GSM only for now). Learn how to unlock the bootloader here and start looking for some ROMs here (but read up on how to flash ROMs first) Oh, and if you somehow happen to need to go back to stock you’ll want the GSM and LTE factory images. Get it? Got it? Awesome.

Be sure to carefully read instructions at each link for each specific task. It’s imperative that you go in the order from root through to the ROMs if your device is still fully stock. And remember that no one holds any responsibility for anything that may happen to your phone but yourself. With that, happy flashing!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Are you kidding me – ICS rocks, not sure I will have a need to root for a while, the folder option is great

    1. Completely agree. Folder system is awesome. I also love the screenshot capture bit

      1. I never found a need to root since the Nexus One.

    2. well, if you think you might want to root someday, it might be worth doing the “unlock” portion now just because it wipes the device when you do.  Better to go through that when there’s nothing on the phone yet.  Then you can root (or not) at your leisure.

    3. Titanium Backup requires root I think.  Easiest way for me to get my app settings over to the Nexus

      1. not all of titanium backup’s featured require root… most of the backup features will be available with or with out it

        1. I haven’t seen this in the version of TiB that I have.  When I launch mine without root, it tells me that it won’t work.

    4.  I root for things like TitaniumBackup and adblock. Just because I root doesn’t mean I am getting new roms.

  2. As someone expecting to receive their i9250 today, thanks for not forgetting about the GSM users amid all the poorly timed verizon chaos.

  3. Now I have to talk my wife into letting me get this right before Christmas.

  4. I wish that ICS was on the Evo however I do not think that it is ever going to get it. Only a few more months and I get my upgrade anyway! Hopefully Sprint starts releasing its LTE network so that I can get a LTE device rather than another Wimax device!

    1. I put a 4.0 rom from XDA on my Incredible and it works surprisingly well. Camera and gallery is the only thing i’ve really found so far that doesn’t work. I got the Nexus today but it’s still fun to play around with and brag to friends with TBolts. haha.

  5. Quentyn, I just want to check if you received my information in my response e-mail. I haven’t heard back from you and I’m afraid the e-mails I sent may not have gone through, for whatever reason. 

    Thanks a lot!


  6. And same here…. This may be the only phone I wouldn’t even want to root. Well…. There is overclocking.. Hm………

  7. Ill wait till we get cyanogen up and going smoothly before I root and flash. Im pretty happy with my phone.

  8. please come to at&t

  9. I’m so happy with these results.

    1. I hate pictures on this. Click the picture and it opens up so far at the top of the page that it cuts the pictures off. What kind of speeds are you getting?

      1. Little over 26 mpbs down, almost 20 mbps up.

  10. Thanks a lot for all the links. Although I don’t think I’ll be rooting until a stable CM9 is released.

  11. is there a guide on how to unlock google wallet?

  12. I would love to see Phandroid’s traffic report at the end of this week.  I’m sure soooo many people were checking it regularly waiting for the news on the GNEX.  Now that they have it, they are gone like the wind (until exactly 2 years from now when the Motorola Nexus Connect is due to be released). 

    Also, thanks for the info on rooting.  I’m keeping stock for now…

  13. here you can find how you can root you Galaxy Nexus:


  14. is the gsm one for tmobile or atnt?

  15. If I were to
    go to Verizon and root the damn thing,(I am currently at Sprint), will it bypass the data cap using Wireless Tether? I am considering to go to the Big Red network but the data is mierda! 

    Or, should I wait for Sprint to release the rumored HTC Evo Z (Zeta) by mid next year, (which will be twice as better than this phone)? 

    I have been curious to ask rooted Verizon owners this. Thank you!

  16. I will want to root for wifi 

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