Dec 15th, 2011

National Galaxy Nexus Day is drawing to a close and whether you’re a new Verizon customer or veteran, you no doubt have been playing with the device nonstop. Not going to lie… I’m a little jealous. So with that, we at Phandroid would love to know… just how are you guys liking your first day with the Galaxy Nexus?

We’ve been receiving a few reports of some general weirdness going on but nothing too wild. I’m sure Verizon just got a few hundred thousand new customers on their network so a little strain is to be expected. But what about the hardware? Is it leaps and bounds better than your old device? Software: does Ice Cream Sandwich fulfill all your wildest expectations? Is Verizon’s network a whole new world of awesome? Basically, we just want your honest feedback. I came up with a handy poll to get a general feeling of how everyone is holding up, so vote, leave a comment with more details and don’t forget… Happy Gnex Day!

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