Google Releases Top Searches for 2011 – Kindle Fire, Sidekick 4G, HTC Sensation Are Fastest Growing [Video]


2011 is winding down and I have to say, it’s been a good year for Android. If you’re curious to see what devices were most searched this year, Google has released their annual Zeitgeist, fastest growing search queries, for 2011. There are quite a few categories and I’ve gone ahead and listed the fastest growing searches for “consumer electronics” below. The results are… interesting to say the least.

2011 Fastest Rising Consumer Electronics:

  1. Kindle Fire
  2. iPhone 4S
  3. Sidekick 4G
  4. HP TouchPad
  5. SPB Shell 3D
  6. iPad 2
  7. HTC Sensation
  8. Samsung Nexus Prime
  9. Sony NGP (Vita)
  10. iPad 3

Wait- the fastest rising search for Android smartphones was the Sidekick 4G? Didn’t exactly see that one coming. Overall, the most popular search terms for 2011 were Steve Jobs, iPhone 5, iPad 2 and Google+. Something about Apple’s products continue to draw interest from the world. Every year, Google always makes one hell of an emotional Zeitgeist wrap-up video and this year was no exception. Check it out.

2011 t’was a great year for Android and we’re only getting stronger thanks to the release of the Galaxy Nexus and more importantly, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Were any of the results surprising to you? What do you think was the best moment for Android in 2011? How about the biggest winner? Biggest loser?

Thanks, Ncmacasl!

[Google Zeitgeist 2011 | GoogleBlog | Via ComputerWorld]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. LOL Nexus Prime

    1. We were all so wrong…. 


  2. Come on we all know it was netflix

  3. Dad I’m gay. Do you still love me?
    Yes I still love you son

  4. i searched sidekick 4G a lot.. mainly cause i needed fixes for it. that’s probably why it was searched so much

    1. +1 to that.  My wife had that phone and there wasn’t a day that went by that didn’t require at least one battery pull.  The touch screen becomes randomly unresponsive – usually when a phone call comes in so you can’t answer it.  Random things launching and running for no reason.  All those searches were probably for “How to root sidekick4g”, and “Roms for sidekick 4g”.  That phone was the biggest p.o.s. I have ever owned and that is saying something because I also had a Samsung Behold II.   Google probably also had a lot of searches for “how to remove touchwiz” as well………….

  5. I like the inclusion of Nyan Cat and the Guy Fawkes mask in the video but on the whole it came across as an advertisement for Google+.

  6. Which goes to show it’s a shame that T-Mobile decided to go mid-range with the Sidekick brand.  Even though we do need mid range phones it’s shocking they fail to realize that the Sidekick was a ‘trend’ brand.  Lots of people (not all!) bought them because they were Sidekicks and not for any functional reasons kind of like a lot of people do with iPhones now.  Heck, I’m sure a TON of customers who had sidekicks on T-Mobile left to get the iPhone because that was the new ‘in’ thing.  I’m sure some would flock back if the Sidekick was something spec wise and aesthetic wise was the envy of the iPhone.  The Sidekick branding would have helped it from being just ‘another’ high end Android.  Again, it’s shame to see such a wasted opportunity in my own personal opinion.

  7. Living in a world in which Rebecca Black is searched more often than any of the revolutionary events in the Middle East is depressing to say the least.


  8. Also, tears were shed multiple times.

  9. that s right i think windows has to collaborate with android it self..

  10. If they were smart they would just have a redirect page for any searches Apple releated.

  11. That almost made me cry tears of joy… Google we made it indeed. :,)

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