Sonic CD Speeds Into The Android Market – Now Available for Download


Not sure what these other sites are talking about but the old-school hit, Sonic CD is officially available in the Android Market from Sega of America. Widely considered one of the greatest Sonic games in its history, you know — before our little blue hero went all “3D” on us — Sonic CD features the introduction of Mecha– er, Metal Sonic and even allows players to take control of Tails as a primary character. Face-off against Dr. Eggman in the all new widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio using touchscreen controls or map the controls for use on the Xperia Play.

While Sonic CD is a trip down memory lane for most of us, it’s interesting to think that many of our younger readers have probably never had the chance to play such a great title — having been raised on games like Halo. All I can say is: 2D classics “FTW.” You can download Sonic CD right now in the Android Market for $2.

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Chris Chavez
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  1. love it….sonic 2 was by far the best game ever on the Genesis 

    1. Wrong game.  This is Sonic CD (Sega CD), not Sonic 2.

      1. Sonic 2 was actually the first game to introduce the mecha Sonic as well as having tails as a playable character. This was for the Sega Genesis which was released 1 year before Sonic CD.

  2. awwww man. See, all the old developers should definitely re-release these games for android. You see, all the art assets are done, and the core pseudo programming is done too. All you need to do is convert it to Java. lol. Brings the development costs WAAAAY down. And dont have to pay console licensing!

    1. I want Toe Jam and Earl!!!!

  3. Perhaps I can forgive your earlier blasphemy, Chris. Perhaps. Keep going….

    1. I will win back your love…

  4. can’t wait to try this out on my new galaxy nexus tomorrow!!!! and also great timing as it will be the 10th day of ten cent apps… hopefully they have some good stuff for the finale… not saying that the apps they’ve already put up arent awesome

    1. I saw this and immediately thought “great, but I’m not sure I want to pay more than 10p for apps again!”. I got spoilt so quick, I’ve spent much more on apps in the last 9 days than I used to!

  5. Downloaded this on the 360 Arcade store today. Absolutely amazing port.

  6. Interesting that they added in Tails…  He wasn’t in the original version.  Looking forward to seeing if the user can fly with him (that wasn’t until Sonic 3) and if there are any hidden areas for him to explore.

  7. Of all the Sonic games, this one had my favorite ending. 

  8. I wasn’t going to buy it, but in the end I couldn’t resist. Purchased.

  9. This game makes me feel old… But in a great way.

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