Dec 14th, 2011

Not sure what these other sites are talking about but the old-school hit, Sonic CD is officially available in the Android Market from Sega of America. Widely considered one of the greatest Sonic games in its history, you know — before our little blue hero went all “3D” on us — Sonic CD features the introduction of Mecha– er, Metal Sonic and even allows players to take control of Tails as a primary character. Face-off against Dr. Eggman in the all new widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio using touchscreen controls or map the controls for use on the Xperia Play.

While Sonic CD is a trip down memory lane for most of us, it’s interesting to think that many of our younger readers have probably never had the chance to play such a great title — having been raised on games like Halo. All I can say is: 2D classics “FTW.” You can download Sonic CD right now in the Android Market for $2.

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