Samsung Galaxy Nexus Simulator Goes Live on Verizon Website


We are still waiting for any official word of the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, but signs continue to suggest it could be soon. While we haven’t heard much to suggest the phone won’t launch tomorrow, December 15th (other than a few indications that it could actually hit shelves the following day), but Big Red’s window for an announcement is dwindling away. A concurrent announcement/release isn’t out of the question, but it is not typical of Verizon’s bigger handset launches. Regardless of what happens, the carrier is hard at work prepping their site for the launch of the phone.

The latest gem to surface is a web-based simulator that provides an in-depth look at the Galaxy Nexus and its features. The presence of the simulator suggests that a launch is indeed right around the corner. This virtual Galaxy Nexus will have to hold you over until the real deal goes on sale.

[Verizon via AndroidForums | Thanks, MMcCraryNJ, zedster!]

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  1. baby steps, but at least there are steps

    1. Just tried it and it is no where near as fast as my Nexus.

  2. I just saw this too! I’ve been living in the pre release thread the past two weeks. Zedster rocks! Just called three local corporate stores too, all said tomorrow is the day!

  3. Too late i already went out an got the “untouched” version from the UK.. set me back $700 but at least i dont have to deal with VZW BS anymore.. 

  4. *printing simulator page* Finally my own Nexus!

    1. i normally don’t post but i went to verizon store today and spoke with salesman and asked if he could hold my phones for tomorrow. He took me outside and stated the phone is not coming out tomorrow. Then he told me they are being allowed to sell the nexus friday and be there at 9am. i know there have been a lot of rumored release daates but i believe this want. So everyone just hold on a couple more days.

      1.  What else did you guys do when you were outside of the store?

        1. nothing other than he will hold the phone until 9:30 am

          1. What else did he hold?

          2. nothing

    2. That was funny as hell…lol.

  5. how do you get to that sim page???

  6. they’re going to take this down in a couple of hours and everyone will go into depression hahaha.

    1. wait for it, wait for it…..

  7. Dear VZW, I want the real thing, not a “simulator”. K.thx.bai.

  8. doh

  9. Can someone post a link to the simulator apparently I’m incapable of finding it!

    1. click the word verizon at the end of the article

      but here it is anyway :)

  10. Notice under Homescreen>Manage Apps it gives a demo of uninstalling V Cast Tones. Clearly they know we aren’t interested in their extra crap.
    Edit: Then under Home Screen>Adding Widgets it shows how to add the My Verizon app. Guess I was wrong.

  11. I think I will keep my Rezound…

  12. The simulator appears to show android native tethering enabled.  Does the Galaxy Nexus allow free 4G tethering?

    1. Notice that a pop-up occurs that says, “Checking subscription status”

      One more reason to root… or just sideload tethering apps.

  13. Would be pretty cool if someone could make this simulator into an app!

  14. Just got a call from the Verizon store at which I reserved my GNex.  They said they received a call from corporate that they will be able to sell the phone tomorrow.

    1. god I hope this is true. I suspect it is because a VZW friend of mine said they were tentative tomorrow but would know for sure from corporate by 4:00pm EST whether launch was a go.

      1. Seeing that it’s 4:20 EST, what’s the word from your friend?  :-)

    2. For real or for kid?

      1. Dead serious. I have one on hold and I’ve been calling the VZW rep each morning (including today) since last Wednesday.  He just called me about 20 mins ago and said he just received the call.  I just want to go to bed and wake up and get my phone.

        1. “But I’m too excited to sleep”

          1. I just called the rep back to confirm that they have the iPhone in stock for the Mrs. and he said that I can pick up my GNex at 1pm.  Looks like I will be heading to another store.  Don’t think I can wait that long.

        2. Yep – just got off the phone with a VW store – the kind lady has two on hold for me to pick up at 9 SHARP!

          OMG – I can’t believe this day has finally come!! I have been reading every single piece of news about this phone since July… and this last 2 months has been HELL.

      2. I called two corporate stores and a Costco in the last 3 hours, and all three said it will be available tomorrow.

    3. Yeah but someone in corporate later this afternoon can change their mind and tell everyone no. Or worse, tomorrow morning they start selling and then 2 minutes later its a no and they shut down the activation.

  15. Called Verizon in the morning and the rep indicated she did not know if the release was tomorrow.  She was kind enough to take my number and told me she should know more about if tomorrow was the date later in the afteroon.

    She just called and told me to come in tomorrow because she got word it is being released.

    Maybe its just wishful thinking — but I will be there.

    1. seems consistent with many reports from VZW resellers that corporate was to give the go / no go this afternoon. Fingers crossed.

    2. good thinking eddieg. well done.

    3. Just called my Gainesville FL Verizon and they said that they were slated to release tomorrow but the rep was still not 100% sure on getting the green light. 

  16. I hope we here something by end of day today, if not I hope that with no official announcement that it will get released tomorrow.  (Tebowing right now)! Maybe creating the simulator for stupid people caused the launch delays. LOL!

    1. I disagree. I for one would like to hear something by the end of the day today.

  17. Couldnt they have named it “The Stimulator” since all they are doing is being a gigantic c*ck tease?

  18. I just called a VZw store here in San Fran, and talked to the manager. I asked him a) if i could buy it now (had fingers, and toes crossed) and of coarse he said no. I then asked if I could pick one up tomorrow, and he said he doesn’t think so. He said typically (on every phone previous to this launch) we are putting stuff on the floor getting ready for the launch, and none of that is taking place today… at all. 

    I hate to be negative Nancy, but I don’t think this is going to happen tomorrow. 

  19. Just talked to my local verizon store and said that I wanted to come in to pick up a new phone that’s coming out tomorrow.  her reply, “do you mean the nexus prime?”
    haha.  people still calling it the wrong name, but she confirmed that they were definitely selling it tomorrow.

    1. She didnt even know the name if the phone and you think she knows when they are going to start selling it…….pretty funny!

  20. Galaxy Nexus release by the end of the year is now done!  That’s what the delay was for!  (Actual Galaxy Nexus will be available mid next year)

    What, did you think they meant a *REAL* Galaxy Nexus?

  21. Just called one of our Verizon stores and as far as he know, it is supposed to be out tomorrow. He is going to call be tonight if he finds out and try to hold one for me!

    BTW, what is the URL of that simulator page? Can’t find it.

    1. It’s at the end of the article and all over the comments. Come on genius.

  22. Well I just went into a verizon store this morning and asked about the GN and the lady said no they don’t have it, not even in the back. She acted as if she knew what phone I was talking about though. I’m in Idaho and she didn’t seem like it was gonna be launching anytime soon and that I was the FIRST person to even ask about it!!! What the heck!

  23. if someone on here that claims to have spoken to a VZW store that confirmed it is available could post the # to the store they spoke to… I would appreciate it. Every single place I have called has said “There is no announced release date”… which could be them towing the company line…

    1. Best Buy – Rapid City‎2320 North Haines AvenueRapid City, SD 57701-7816(605) 341-8220

      1. Played with one on sunday!!

    2. Verizon Wireless Store
      Lee’s Summit, MO 64081
      (816) 347-0331

      Called 5 minutes ago. She said I can pick one up in the morning at 9am!

      Less than 20 hours!!!!!

      1. God is good. LOL called that number… asked and they unequivicolly confirmed availabliity. I said “i called some other stores and they weren’t sure or said they didn’t have a release date”… she shouted over to another associate / manager… and I heard “It has not been officially announced… but as of right now… unless we are told otherwise it is go for tomorrow”…. now I just need to get my ass 1200 miles to Missouri :)

        1. LoL! Come on down! I’ll treat ya to breakfast after your long drive!!!!


  24. haha… this phone is never coming out

  25. Stopped by a Savannah area corporate store…they will be for sale tomorrow and they have plenty. Now we’ll see what happens when a Nexus falls into the wrong hands!

  26. Ok, I’ve never posted, but have been a long time reader. I figured, “what the heck, I’ll call and ask!”. I went ahead and asked a local East Texas location if I could reserve a Galaxy Nexus, and I got great news. They told me that it’d be out tomorrow, and that that would be no problem! Who knows if it’ll change before then, but they sounded quite confident in the fact that it’d be out, and that they could save me one. Just thought that I’d add my story to everybody elses!

  27. Finally, the reason for the launch delay is out!

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