Google+ Update Brings Hangouts to Your Smartphone


Google is making a slew of updates to the Hangouts portion of Google+, making it easier to initiate a hangout with friends and opening Hangouts On Air to more and more users. Along with the push comes an updated version of the Google+ app for Android, which allows you to initiate a Hangout directly from your smartphone. When chatting in a Google+ Messenger stream, tapping the camera icon will flip the app into hangout mode, allowing you to chat face to face with friends using the camera on your smartphone.

The updated app will be available in the Android Market by the end of the week.

[via Google]

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  1. How could you not love Google….

    1. Now, If only I can access “what’s hot” section from the G+ app, I would be set. 

    2. I feel like they actually listen to what we ask for. Verizon could learn from them.

  2. Google goodies good for us :)

  3. …..ready……ready……  CUE NEXUS!

  4. What G+ really needs is true integration with Picasa. The current level is just pathetic.

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