Google Introduces New Galaxy Nexus Commercials To Air On Actual Television [Video]


Looks like Google is going “all in” with their latest flagship, the Galaxy Nexus. Taking a much different route from its predecessors, the Nexus One and Nexus S, the Galaxy Nexus will actually have actual airtime in the US and around the globe, meaning you can expect to see their all new commercials (like the one above showcasing Face Unlock) in between your favorite TV shows.

This actually marks the first time a Nexus device will be featured in nationally broadcasted TV spots that have been commissioned by Google, as opposed to Samsung or Verizon. Do you guys like the move Google is taking this time around with the Galaxy Nexus? Do the commercials do a good enough job of showing off the device and the features or do you prefer the more “DROID” route of big explosions and robots?

[Adage | Electronista]




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  1. I wonder if they will get a DMCA notice and have to take the video down from youtube. Go freedom!

    1. Since Google owns Youtube…

      1. Somebody just got owned.

  2. Good for  Google. Verizon sure as hell wasn’t going to advertise this device.

    1. I still do not understand why verizon wouldn’t advertise the best phone they have……. does anyone know?

      1. They are probably not making as much money on it as their other devices especially as they can’t add all their bloatware and V services.

  3. Yes, well done! Verizon commercials are the worst..

    1. Somewhere in all those Verizon commercials is a pretty good movie. 

  4. The Google+ commercial is just terrible I couldn’t even handle the first couple seconds. I guess Google does not have much experience with advertising on TV.

    1. they have tons, including the google ads where the guy is writing his daughter and doing vids and pics of her growing up that ran during the superbowl. I happen to really like this commercial. If you’ve used the app, it’s a clever way to show how the video flips around to whoever is talking at the time.

      1. Oh, and the chrome ads that slowed time to show how Chrome was faster than all their crazy contraptions, lol.  Those are great.

    2. Yes it must be Google’s fault, and simply your opinion that it was terrible. Thanks for speaking for everyone else. 

  5. Yeah. Man.  ’nuff said.  I’ll be singing that song tomorrow morning… from my new gnex. yeah.  

  6. Actual Television?! That’s my favorite one! 

    1. Yeah… I really hate the OTHER television O_o

      1. I’m surprised Google finally realized there was this thing called television. You can’t sell too many phones with tiny little text ads on fan websites

  7. Google always has such great ads :)  

  8. That second one is great…mostly because of Queen, but still.

  9. What was so bad about it?

  10. Yesss. Anything with “scalamoosh” in it gets my vote.

    1. Scaramouche

      1. Will you do the fandango?

        1. Thunderbolts of lightning?

  11. Only thing that will make this better is me winning a Galaxy Nexus from you guys :D #deternined for the next nexus contest

  12. That’s great. Now where in the heck is my US GSM version?!?

  13. Ok so where is the Sprint version.

    1. This phone will be a joke on Sprint, with it’s spotty coverage and slower than molasses speeds. 

      1. That is why Sprint is rebuilding their network and bringing LTE we will get the device soon enough!

        1. I’ve been hearing this (well upgrading their network at any rate), from Sprint for a couple of years now. It’s only gotten worse, not better unfortunately-and I live in area that is almost surrounded by Sprint towers. :/

        2. To bad your LTE provider is “Lightsquared”……you know, the company that runs interference on all GPS. So you will be using your phone and changing the direction of a scud missile all at the same time.

      2. IKR!? I was forced to move to Sprint from Tmo because of a family plan, and I can say that around Houston, it sucks. With Tmo within 6 months I noticed change with my network for the better.

        I’m going to give Sprint that benefit. By Lyk next April or May, I WANT to see something better. If I don’t, I’m breaking that contract and lyk moving to Tmo… if they still exist. o.O

    2. It will be out next year. My sources tell me.

  14. These are how commercials are supposed to be. Show off things about the phone that people actually know it is a phone ad and not for some new sci fi movie.

  15. I think these are great commercials.. Its nice to see a change from the stupid robot themed Motorola Droid commercials. These are actually on point and you know right away what they are advertising!

    1. Showing what a photo can actually do is a good ads which surely catch the consumer’s attention.

  16. What they need to do is release the phone on all carriers I could care less about a commercial for something I can’t buy

    1. but yet you can comment on something you cant buy

    2. Judging by your writing tone…I think you mean “couldn’t care less.” : )

      1. you beat me to it!

    3. You mean like how Apple immediately made the iphone available on all carriers??

      1. Isn’t part of the reason we’re Android fans is because we don’t like the way Apple does things? Hopefully the next Nexus will launch for all carriers since the major 3 carriers will all have LTE(and realistically T-Mobile too since its likely to either get swallowed by AT&T, broken up and sold off, or bought by Dish who has LTE aspirations). There’s still the whole GSM and CDMA issue for 3G, but if Apple can handle it, why can’t Google?

      2. remember this is first time crapple did so…with the 4s..oh boohoo

  17. If it was verizon there would be some kind of robot in the commercial.

    1. For a DROID device. For non-DROID 4G devices, its always lightning.

    2. You just dont get it, they are all robots, tomorrow the SGN, the day after self driving cars, the day after that we are all replaced with humanoid robots.

    3. Like HAL, “Sorry Dave I just can’t launch that phone”

  18. Bring on the Hipsters! Its the only way to compete with Apple’s ad campaigns. The only thing missing is if they were singing “Take me to your Best Friend’s House, I loved you then and I love you now….Oh Yeah!” Way to go Google, you finally found out how to get to the masses!

    1. I’m so glad Google didn’t opt for the “white background” commercials that everyone is biting from Apple. So annoying. 

      1. They’ve bitten plenty from Apple, thank you….

        1. I think that’s mainly a matter of opinion.  Personally, I think it’s Apple that really bites.

    2. Dunno if we really want those friggin hipsters

      1. Death to hipsters!  Or at least they could shower every so often…  kkthxbai

  19. It’s a shame they butchered the launch so badly (whether Google or Verizon is responsible–that’s irrelevant).  I don’t know if I want to pay $300 for this phone anymore.  ($250 with my renewal ‘deal’)

    If this had come out in early November, sure.  But with other phones looming, and the things they’ve done to the phone (VZW apps, no Wallet, etc.), I’m just not sure it’s worth that $$.

    I hope I fall in love tomorrow when I check it out in the store.  I really do.  But at this point, I don’t think about this phone and think “wow” anymore…

    1. Butchered the launch by what standards?  95% of the country has no clue about the delay. 

      1. 95% of the country who doesn’t know about the delay still doesn’t know about the phone itself…

        They butchered it for me.  I didn’t make any claims pertaining to other people.  Maybe “butchered” is a harsh word.  It’s not a big deal.  But my interest has faded.  Most of the people who don’t know about the delay haven’t been hyped up for the phone in the first place, so they’ll think “oh…another phone.” (Which is not what the people who are aware of the delay have accepted the phone to BE, with the Nexus name, etc.)

    2. Yeah, VZW apps, all two of them, one of which allows easy importation of contacts for people coming from non-Android Verizon phones and the other for account management. How dare they! That’s like 10 mb you’ll never get back!

      1. Didn’t Verizon lyk “hide” the apps? But what about the people that want them? If they’re on the phone, you can’t install them, but how do you open them?

        Stupid Internet Trolls. >:P

      2. Erm…what’s your point?  I’m all for those apps OPTIONALLY.  I don’t like being forced to have apps.  And I get that there are some unnecessary preinstalled Google apps, most likely. But for a “Google Experience” phone, I expect that.

        You can harass me however you like, but part of the “Google Experience” of phones is not having bloatware.  Any bloatware = some bloatware.

        The thing that makes me worry is that Verizon did prepackage with SOMETHING.  It doesn’t matter what.  It’s just a slippery slope.  Two apps this time.  What will be preinstalled next time?

        I’m concerned for the Nexus and “Google Experience” branding, more than about the specific phone, in the case of the preloaded VZW apps. (which I can’t uninstall, as far as I know)

    3. Other phones……………….?

    4. Get phone from lets talk tonight for 180?

      1. Now there’s a response I can get behind.

  20. Cool.

  21. Its about damn time!! Hopefully this means the Nexus makes it to Tmobile soon!

    1. Why don’t you get the unlocked version?

      1. 7 hundee? Will wait and see what google has up their sleeves for this.

  22. Love these.

  23. Go Google! So much better than Vzw ads which tell you NOTHING about the phone it is supposedly advertising.

  24. Great commercials.  Sooooo much better than those juvenile Droid commercials Verizon puts out there. 

  25. Dumb kid.
    He should’ve just used the family portrait or something to unlock it….
    Just saying. ;)
    Great commercials tho.

  26. YES I prefer these ads to the Droid-family ads. I don’t care to see action sequences, ninja stars, or whatever else nonsense they’ve put in those Droid ads.

    Show me the phone with normal humans doing things on it.
    If they’re attractive yupster girls, that’s OK too.

    1. If it wasn’t for the Droid ads, the best android phone would be just another “me too” phone for moms like the Palm Pre

  27. These are stupid commercials. They don’t show any real functionality of the OS. Who gives a shit about unlocking the phone with your damn face? Really? 

    You know why the fucking iPhone sells? Because they show so many features of their damn phone in the commercials. Sure, they have Siri commercials but which one is going to attract more customers? Siri or face unlock? 

    Does that stupid functionality even work in low light situation or you have to over ride it every time? 

    Sigh…. come man I love the Nexus but they need to get their shit together when it comes to updates, release dates and advertisements. 

    1. calm down lol. it’s about marketing. The techies know all about the GNex from blogs like this one, and the morons who believe that the iphone is the only phone worth having will see the more human side of Android. It’s not a bad idea.

  28. Hey, you can’t beat big explosions and robots. :)

    Seriously, though, back when I knew very little about phones, I thought Droid phones were the best devices to ever make their way to our humble little planet. But I do like these new Google ads. It’s always nice to see Google putting its presence on my tv screen.

  29. I’m loving the Galaxy Nexus more and more.

  30. Really?  A dress and cowboy boots?  What was she thinking?!

  31. pure google my ass…..

  32. The commercials kinda reminded me of Apple commercials: They show what the phone can do. (And if unlocking the phone with your face isn’t a “function of the OS,” someone please explain to me what the hell IS an OS function?)

    *sigh* Haters gonna hate, I guess.

  33. Bell has been airing these ads in Canada for a couple of weeks now.

  34. finally ….. I can’t believe it took google this long to advertised their phone. This has been lacking from google since the nexus 1. This is in par with the iphone ads. 

  35. Android’s market has changed.  As Android has become an OS standard and the mid-range smartphone replaces the feature phone, Android is becoming mainstream. This would explain the emphasis in ICS on the UI, which admittedly needed some work to appeal to non-techie types.

  36. no tmo version? no care.

    at this point, the way asus has treated me as a customer with the TF101, I’m willing to pay full price for a padphone sight unseen over the full price samsung GN.

  37. Awesome.  Google does an incredible job with advertising Chrome, they need to step up Android as well.

  38. I saw a couple Nexus 1 commercials on TV.  THe one that comes to mind is the guy going to pick up his girlfriend at the airport and using his phone to find the airport and a pizza place on the way.

  39. I’d really like to see what the Nexus could do if Google pushed hard and put it on all carriers etc

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