Verizon Store Informs Customer of Dec. 15 Galaxy Nexus Availability, Multiple Sources Seem to Agree


With the numerous tips hitting our inbox pegging December 15th as the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we have been sitting by patiently awaiting a press release to hit the wires confirming the date. That hasn’t happened yet, but we just received a copy of a voicemail left for one of our loyal readers by a Verizon store employee. We are refraining from posting the audio file but it brought news that the Galaxy Nexus will be available for purchase come Thursday of this week. It’s alright to feel a bit skeptical, but we have been hearing the same from numerous inside sources since the minute most realized a December 9th launch wasn’t happening.

For further consideration: a Costco price sheet showing prices for the Galaxy Nexus good from December 15th through 20th. As a third-party retailer the date doesn’t have to coincide with Verizon’s release, as Engadget points out, but it would be hard to imagine Costco pushing the phone before Verizon. Which leads me to another tip we received saying the phone may actually be purchasable beginning tomorrow. Take that last note as sheer rumor at this point, but we are feeling fairly confident that this phone will be flying off shelves by the end of the week.

[Thanks, Jacob and all sending in info!]

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  1. I think I just jizzed.

    1. I can understand getting excited but why the sexual reference?

      1. I am an American male wedded to popular entertainment….where else could I go?

        1. Awesome! I was thinking about this video when I read the comment!  

      2. why not?

      3. It’s called a sense of humor.

        1. is that what you call that?

      4. Climax is the most excited you can get before you calm down. . .

    2. Damn, cumshot on the screen, myself.

    3. I would clean yourself up because I heard the 15th from vzw store employees up until last night when I spoke with a manager at VZW over the phone who stated the launch is delayed until “Late December” or early next year. Obviously, who knows, but I think it is best to exhibit some prudence when ingesting such news.

      1. Spoke with my go-to guy at Verizon just an hour ago, said they are for sale when doors open this Thursday… again, take it for what its worth

        1. I spoke to no one and they said the phone is never coming out.

          1. I spoke to everyone and they all said a bunch of conflicting nonsense that got me nowhere closer to any real information.

          2. I speak, therefore I am.

      2. I just went to a Radio Shack store and the store manager checked his system.  Not for sale yet.  He called his rep who he says is usually right on the money when phones will be released.  The rep told the store manager the Galaxy Nexus won’t be released until January.

        1. If they wait until January to release the Nexus, Verizon will have lost me as a customer.  I won’t put up with the silence from Verizon any longer, ESPECIALLY when they’re sitting on a stockpile of them (plus they’re already released in many other countries).

          1. My plan is that if the Transformer Prime comes out before the Nexus, I’ll get that instead.

    4. These rumors have given me an excruciating case of blue balls.

  2. uh oh i can see the lines now

  3. Here we go again….

    1. ….on my owwwwwwwwnn

      Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever knownnnn..

      1. Like a drifter, I was born to walk alone.

        1. m/ (>.<) m/

      2. Like a twista I was born to walk alone

  4. I should know better… but I just got a little excited.

  5. You could just “find an anonymously posted voicemail” from the verizon store :-)

  6. “but we are feeling fairly confident that this phone will be flying off shelves by [Enter Date]”

    That sounds familiar…

  7. Hope so I’m on leave this week.

  8. You would think VZW would do something.  They opened early for the OG Droid, they through a circus for the iPhone.  Can VZW just announce it and open stores at 6AM-7AM?

    1. remember the OG is Droid branded…doubt they would do this for a non-droid phone.  my guess is a simple release like the rezound.

      1. Probably.  I just have a meeting at 8:30AM.  If they open at 7AM, I can get it before.  Otherwise, I will head to VZW at 9:30AM.

        1. Ha!  Either way, im sure you will get one!  you could always find a local Radioshack that is willing to hold one!  I got to fondle the GNex the other day (w/o battery in) it was thinner than i expected, and just awesome!  Good Luck!  

  9. Verizon GN release date has been confirmed and unconfirmed dozens of times, multiple sources agree

    1. Agreed. I wish this site and every other site would stop posting this BS already. The phone will go on sale when it goes on sale. All this angst over it is hi-la-ri-ous!  

      1. Well that’s what these sites do… And how is it BS?

      2. As long as it pulls in big page hits then they will keep posting it….and if it’s pulling in big page hits, then obviously people care.

      3. yes, yes, your much more patient and mature then the rest of us. That’s why you’re trolling the comments section of a phandroid.com article on a rumored release date for the phone – because you could care less, right?

  10. Will Verizon speak for a Scooby Snack?

  11. Shit, it looks like this thing is really coming out soon. Any info on the next phone I should be lusting over, before I have the best phone possible and have nothing to look forward to?

  12. Pasted from the text from my VZW rep…”
    ” I’m excited to let you know that the nexus
    will be released tomorrow :)”

    1. Update at 9:30pm last night same rep calls me back and says you have to wait one more day. I can’t sell it until he 15th.
      Surprise surprise. They did have a working version that I was able to toy around with this past weekend.
      However not as bad as VZW is playing with my emotions. Bastages!

  13. I just called two corporate stores, and said, “I was calling to find out when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be out.”

    The larger/newer corporate store said, “we have no idea, they keep changing the date.”

    The older store immediately said, “It will be out the 15th sir.”

    I really enjoyed the second response!

  14. Throw in a couple Verizon internal memos and we’ll have…nothing more than we had last time (and the time before.)

    I’m starting to think this whole thing is a ploy designed by Verizon to get people to stop turning the phone-release rumor mill (The boy who cried wolf.)

    Well Verizon, you’ve underestimated us. We will continue absorbing these unfounded rumors and more importantly, blwme you for not meeting the deadlines you never agreed to in the first place!

    Disclaimer: I hate Verizon for many things. Their customer service, Nazi-like control, the fact that I have to use them if I want signal anywhere near my home, etc. I want the Nexus so bad that it disturbs my wife (and she knows my dark, techie side.) I’m just tired.

    This will be the last Nexus release rumor article I read (until some shady blogger tricks me by throwing “official” in their title.)

    I’m not blaming you, Phandroid. You’re still the best. Let me know when the release date is official.

    1. I 95% agree with you.

      My wife is also tired of hearing about it. She’s practically a Nexus expert herself!

    2. Don’t forget that other evil word, “confirmed”

  15. I will continue to requent Phandroid daily, but my curious mind asks, what will site traffic look like after the GNex is officially out?  I guess it would be a little hard to gauge with all the holiday giveaways going on…

  16. I fucking said this shit last Friday after I had the guy at Radio Shack order me one. He has it but can’t sell it to me until the 15th. 

  17. i’ve got a GN on hold at a local radio shack – this means i might be able to get i before thursday??

    the sales reps there were willing to sell it to me last friday but their register wouldn’t let them check it out since it’s SKU was unsellable by their system. they had already gotten me through the upgrade process and all :( so they put it on hold for me.

  18. Three weeks ago I would have been jumping up and down in excitement. Now it seems that nothing short of an official announcement will make me crack a smile. I’m glad that you’re still reporting Galanxy Nexus news because silence kills me even more than wild rumors.

    1. It really is not as exciting now but the fact they the stories are just more “confirmations” of dec 15th release and NOT a delay im happy. but i swear if i see a story with the words ‘delayed’ and ‘nexus’ in the title before Thursday…

  19. I got the same call from my local store. If you email me I can have you call the same store and sales associate rather easily.

  20. I just called my local VZW and asked them if they had it, this is exactly how the conversation went:
    Me: Do you have the Galaxy Nexus?
    VZW: We don’t have any available currently.
    Me: When will you have it available?VZW: I don’t have a specific date.
    Me: Do you have any in stock?
    VZW: I cannot comment on that.
    Me: Thanks…

    They have coached the crap out of that guy – it was like I was asking the CIA about a prisoner at Gitmo…wow.

    1. Haha I neither can confirm nor deny the existence of that phone

  21. So still nothing on if it’s the 32GB?  This not having an SD card makes me hesitant.

    1. I got to play with one on Sunday and yes it is indeed 32 GB.

    2. It’s been confirmed for a while that it is 32GB on Verizon. No worries…except about the release date.

    3. It is the 32GB.

      But still….meh.

  22. The Verizon rep at my local corporate store confirmed the December 9th date last week when I asked. Verizon still has the ability to change the date because they have yet to make an official announcement.

  23. The thrill is gone !
    To late Huawei has ICS already on a phone , no longer the first with ICS .
    What a go VZW .

    1. Gnexus europe came out first I believe

  24. I’ll believe it when the phone is in my hand.

  25. Fool me once, shame on . . . you. Fool me . . . can’t get fooled again!

  26. Excuse me while I keep from getting excited for the nth time.

  27. At this point I’m reluctant, but cant help but get riled up by each and every rumored release date for this thing.

  28. My OG Droid is on its last legs, i currently have only the camera button working and i remapped it as a power button. The slider keyboard disconnects the display so that doesnt work, it chugs along (even with cm7 and an overclock) holding onto life and with gps on it lasts 10mins. Each day my droid 1 looks at me with a brave face and says, will today be the day that i will rest? It pains me everytime i have to say, no we need to go back to the salt mines old friend.

    This delay could push me towards a iphone 4s. When will it end.

    1. How I understand you and your OG’s pain. Same boat

      1. My iPhone 2G is still working just fine, just with IOS 3 and 2G…….
        And Android 2.3 (I know right).

        1. My OG droid still chugging along just fine
          OCd to 1.1ghz and undervolted kernal and i get at least 1.5day battery life light use.

          My phone just loves me more :3

          droid4 better be coming out soon tho cuz i want it >:(  lol

    2. Samsung Omnia for me… with windows ugh!

    3. Try going back to CM 6.1 – in the same boat as you were.  I went back and over clocked and my OG is much smoother and doesn’t freak out as much as it used to…I figured I can deal with FroYo for a few until this hits.

  29. Its a good thing most android fanatics are not prone to wait in line outside of stores like other fanatics because most would be dead by now from starvation while waiting in line for 5 weeks.

  30. Google: I heard Apple was talking shit. Yo H. Put in that Ice Cream Paint Job instrumental

    Yea buddy. I guess I’m bout to ride home, with the middle finger out the window at a iPhone,

    So sad the little fella can’t really throw stones, better tell Apple that he better watch the iThrone

    Cream on the inside, bread on the out snitch,

    Cream on the inside, bread on the out snitch,

    Cream on the inside, bread on the out snitch,

    Ice Cream ice i i ice cream sandwich

    Now I don’t really give a hoot,

    But iCrap gont get enough of petty lawsuits,

    funny how they made smartphones skyrocket,

    And now they turned around and try to keep all the profit,

    Stop it, everything looks perculier,

    That notification center is looking quite familiar,

    Apple say I copied them but I don’t know how,

    Because last time I check the real printer was the iCloud,

    Cream on the inside, bread on the out snitch

    Cream on the inside, bread on the out snitch

    Cream on the inside, bread on the out snitch

    Ice cream ice I I ice cream sandwich

    1. this wasn’t funny on Engadget either

      1. Who said it was? I didn’t say anything funny. Its called art. This is only for people who heard the song Ice Cream Paint job by Dorrough

    2. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo …. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo …. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  31. Yeah, all the sources were confident about last week’s release date too.

    I’m not holding my breath.

    1. please do…. oh and put it on Youtube. 

  32. I just talked to my rep at an official Verizon store in Houston Texas and he claims he is coming in on Thursday (his day off) because the Galaxy Nexus will be available on December 15th.

  33. There’s this really new cool, better, Hot-fudge Sundae Android phone coming out on Feb 14.  We’d best all wait for it now.

  34. I just called four stores in the Greenville, SC area and they all said it’s coming out on the 15th!!

    1. I love the commitment 

  35. Ok Ok Stop me if you have heard this one …… Indirect retailer said 15th also. Of course this is the same place that the guy tried to remove the battery on the RAZR.

    1. he is probably also going to try and up sell a MICRO SD card for the NEXUS

  36. Best Buy mobile rep confirmed a 12/15 launch just yesterday when I was there. Perhaps I should have asked him if he meant this year?

  37. That was not art. Not even a little bit.

  38. HHHHHHHuuuuuuuuuuuah!

  39. My Verizon rep has one sat aside for me that Im picking up Thursday! woot

  40. I talked to my local Verizon store and they put a piece of paper on the box stating name and phone # of the person it’s on hold for come the 15th.

  41. Oh well, I just gave up waiting and got a Rezound. I’m happy.

  42. Don’t matter if its a high powered phone r not samsung sux

    1. lol at Samsung comment, you do realize apple buys many components from Samsung. Not to mention that they make the best hi def TVs and many other electronics.

      I love how you took the time to use an apostrophe but can’t spell out ‘or’ or ‘sucks’

  43. I was able to put one on hold at one of the local stores… It seems some stores are willing to jot your name and # down to save you one.

    1. they took my name and number at 3 places, but they never said they would hold it.

  44. You guys do realize that stores like Radio Shack and Best Buy Mobile (and perhaps even the vzw corp/authorized retailers) have them in stock already.

    They’re just not authorized to sell them.

    I’ve had at least 3 stores confirm this for me…in person and on the phone.

    “We have them here…we just can’t sell it to you yet.  We have to wait for Verizon to give us the okay.”

    1. yes my friend, we have known this for weeks now. It’s all about when can we touch it …. yea yea touch it (beavis voice)

  45. THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE THIS THURSDAY AT VERIZON, 100% CONFIRMED.  i had put my name on the list for my local VZ store to call me when they got more solid info on a release.  the rep just called me 10 mins ago saying it’ll be avail Thursday on a first come first serve basis.  i gave him a roundabout time that i’d be there and he put my name down.  this is not a joke, i’m not trying to stir the pot here.  i’ve been patiently waiting for this phone for weeks and i just heard it from VZ myself.

    1. did you say you have pot? Dude this isn’t the place :0

      1. why not? *takes another hit*

  46. I already posted the 15th in the nexus forum days ago!

  47. wonder if walmart has any in stock and if i can swindle one out of them.

  48. If it is not here this week, I’m getting a RAZR. Fool me 300 times shame on my grandma

  49. is the NEXUS the iphone 5?

  50. this has been a fascinating journey, day by day, when is it? come on already, wait! another rumour. finally, yesterday i ordered a samsung galaxy note. i am thankful Verizon took so long. i went to verizon yesterday to look at razr and rezound, went to at&t to look at galaxy s 2, and there wasn’t going to be enough difference actually from my evo 4 g.

  51. Not that it matters but I called one local store and they said they had none and had not heard anything.  Went into to another to sell my Bionic and the guy told me they had some but not many and lack of product was holding them up but said they expected more and said it was releasing Thursday. 

  52. 60% of the time, it releases Dec. 15th every time.


  54. I just checked at frys to see if they have the Nexus, the sales associate confirmed that they did and I even saw a box of about 20 of them in a glass case. Verizon is full of shit.

  55. The only reason I care about Verizon getting their crap-tastic launch over with is so they can stop holding my Penta-Band GSM version hostage. Here’s hoping what I’ve been hearing about the unsubsidized version being priced $700-800 isn’t true or I’ll be waiting again till gets into the $500’s.

  56. Sean in the Verizon Wireless store in Flower Mound, TX, told me this evening that it “should” be available on the 15th. But he also indicated he could not be 100% certain. I didn’t press for details, but I took that to mean that he (like so many of us) is fearful Verizon may push the date back yet again.

    Personally, I’m holding out until it shows up on Amazon — hopefully at a reduced (further subsidized) price. I’ll probably explode with shock and excitement if it is actually available there on the 15th. My OG Droid feels about as powerful as a pocket calculator. But it’s not nearly that fast.

  57. i call bullcrap. Tired of this rumor mill. i swear i sing this every time i hear about the Gnex – http://blackacrebrewing.com/hey.swf

  58. GN vs 4S

    4G vs apps

    so hard to choose….

  59. $10000.00 that it wont release on the 15th or my names not Mitt

  60. After reading this post I contacted Verizon and guess what! One of the manager gave me the insider and its not good. NEXUS is pulled from inventory due to software (BS) related issues and Lte problem and push back sale to January ..too much for this. $hit

    1. If this is true oh boy will i be pissed

  61. It’s funny because one sales associate at the Verizon store said “Yeah, I’ll go put your name on one in the back”…. But once I asked the manager if I could see one of the phones just to feel it out, etc… He said “the phone does not exist until Dec 15th. You will have to wait till Dec 15th to see that the phone does exist”  It’s really funny how they have to keep the publicity of it down to a minimum.

  62. I’m 100% sure that there is a 90% chance that it will be released on the 15th….but odds are that I only have a 50/50 chance of being 100% right, but I’m 95% sure about that…for certain, I think. Maybe not.

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