Unlocked 16GB GSM Galaxy Nexus on Newegg Drops to $700


Well we’ve gotten a ton of emails about this so we might as well report it – the Galaxy Nexus on Newegg, the unlocked GSM version with 16GB of internal storage, is now $700 on Newegg. Many of our readers reported this suggesting that this was the first time Newegg has listed the device, but this was actually listed as early as a week ago. It was $60 more expensive then at $760. Still a steep price to pay for the device but if you absolutely can’t wait then it can’t hurt. Get to Newegg to purchase yours. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Why do you say this is a steep price?? Because it’s $50 more than a retailer would sell for, or because of the price out of contract? Or you think this will go down to the $500’s soon?

    1. Because I could get over 130 large pepperoni pizzas from Little Caesar’s for the same price, And the 4G coverage on those would be just as good where I live.

      1. I think I know what I am doing for lunch today, Thank you!

      2. Indeed. I wish T-mobile/ATT would just buy a whole bunch of these and sell them with their regular 199 price and a 2 year contract….

      3. Or 74 of the same pizzas for the difference between Verizon’s $299 and this. :-)

  2. I think its steep mostly because its only 16GB, rather than 32GB that the Verizon variant is rumored to have, at $650 + tax…

    1. Are we going to see a 32 GB GSM model? 16 GB is not enough without external storage. 

      1. nexus s has 16gb without external storage and it’s been working for many people just fine.

  3. Will the LTE radio in it work with verizon? 

  4. It has LTE?? I thought the version that worked on AT&T/T-mobile 3G didn’t have LTE. 

    1. I just see the word 3G, nothing about LTE?

      1. Form Factor: Bar PhonesWireless Radio: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz UMTS 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 MHzCompatible Carrier & Service: AT&T, AT&T 3G, T-Mobile, T-Mobile 3G, Rogers, Fido4G: LTE 700Model #: GT-i9250 16G SilverItem #: N82E16875176322Return Policy: Standard Return Policy

        1. LTE:700…….?

      2. If you don’t see it, get some glasses! :)

  5. Will this GSM version work on Verizon, or is it merely useful on AT&T and T-Mobile?

    1. Really?

    2. Comments like this are why the iPhone is so successful.

      1. You mean the iPhone appeals to stupid morons????

    3. Verizon is NOT GSM. It is CDMA. GSM providers in the US are AT&T and TMobile. GSM is the most widely used standard in the world. And the Nexus is a pentaband phone and that means it will work with any HSPA+ frequencies any where in the world…. but it is not a CDMA phone. It is a GSM one.

    4. T-Mobile/AT&T + numerous regional and international carriers (you’ll have to do reasearch to confirm) = GSM

      Sprint/Verizon = CDMA (although slightly different versions that make their phones incompatible with each others networks)

    5. No. GSM phones only work on ATT or Tmobile. Verizon uses CDMA.

    6. GSM version = AT&T and T-Mobile

  6. No Verizon or AT&T 4g LTE radio in it and only 16 gb.  You really have to have zero patience and money to burn to get this phone.  It the Verizon variant comes out in less than 48 hours, whoever buys this phone is gonna look stupid.  Especially when the GSM version has cleared the FCC and is no doubt on its way to AT&T and/or T-Mobile.    

    1. Unless you’re on tmobile, off contract, like saving money and don’t care about 4G.  Smalll group of people, but they exist.

    2. Some people just can’t wait…

    3. Some people live in places where LTE will still be a dream 5 years from now.

  7. The headline should have started off with “After No One Bought It..”

  8. Does this work with T-mobile’s HSPA+?

    1. Yes. It’s pentaband and works with all HSPA+ frequencies of TMobile and AT&T and for that matter, any where in the world. You can’t get any more compatible phone than a pentaband phone.

  9. That is still more expensive then what I paid for mine.

    1. How much did you pay and where did you get it?

      1. Oops I just saw that they don’t charge for tax either so the New Egg one is $16 cheaper then what I paid. 

        Go for it.

        1. I’m really really tempted!! It’s so much money though…. and I’m worried that it’ll go cheaper closer to xmas.

          1. It might but then you wouldn’t get it until after Christmas with all the people shipping gifts right now. You could wait until after Christmas to see if the U.S. is any closer to getting it.

        2. Oh good. I saw your initial response and was gonna wait to see where you got yours cheaper, but I forgot and bought it from Newegg anyway. Glad to see my forgetfulness didn’t screw me out of money.

          Yay for 12 months no interest too.

    2. If you go to Negri and use their VZSucks code, theirs comes down to $685.50 shipped.

      1. That code isn’t working right now.

        1. Oh sorry.I just used it last night and it still worked.They must have taken it down after yesterday.EDIT:Just tried it right now and it still works!

  10. I don’t think any phone should cost over $500.

    1. Me too…shame I live in the UK where any unlocked phone costs ~£400. Galaxy Nexus, unlocked, is £510 here ($800). 


  11. If you use Fatwallet 3% cash back, price drops to $678.

    1. If I had a Fat wallet, I wouldn’t be worried about saving money. ;)

  12. So on the newegg.ca site, the nexus is $799. I called and asked why $80 more than the US site and was told “Canada is more expensive to ship to”. So much for the add saying “Free Shipping”!!!

  13. Do you think they would settle for my firstborn son instead? If not, I’ll throw in my arm and leg as well, but that’s my final offer… ……. Ok screw it they can have my other leg too, just as long as I’ve got two good fingers for pinch-to-zoom.

    1. You only need one finger, and your lower finger.

      1. If I had to I would actually just use my upper and lower lips, but I didn’t want to sound desperate or anything.

        1. You can always use your nose and chin? or eyes!!

  14. where’s the link to newegg.com?

  15. it’s also on google shopping for $500

    1. but it’s a shady looking store. either way, too much for me for right now :*(

  16. So forgetting about price, does anyone have any real reasons to not buy this phone? Please also refrain from being a VZW fanboy. As I’ve stated before, I’ve been a VZW customer for the last 10 years and this last year I’ve felt like a 10 yr old trapped in the Penn State locker room shower. So I think it’s time we parted ways.

  17. uiiuiu

  18. In a world of 4G speeds, why would anyone want to buy a 3G phone anymore?

    1. Although not really 4G.This is HSDPA+ and is capable of higher speeds than 3G.So it’ll work on t-mobile touted “4G” and ATTs  4G?(If they ever make it available in the measly locations they have currently).

    2. Because it’s HSPA+ and AT&T isn’t killing themselves in trying to get LTE to my area. So I use it for two years and hope for the best. I’m hearing HSPA+ on T-Mo is blazin’ fast arounnd me because there’s not many using it.

  19. Well T-Mo every come out with this Phone on Contract? or is it going to be a Verizon exclusive?

  20. I’m just as eager to get my Galaxy Nex fix on just as much as the next Andy fan boy. However, i have to say, that there needs to be a 64GB version of this phone. I know the cloud is the thing, and that’s only awesome when you have ubiquitous WiFi. for the rest of us, our carrier will soon start charging blood for data overages, so I don’t want to have to always stream that favorite song from my google music locker, i just want it on the phone.

    this is probably more of an issue for New Yorkers like myself who will spend a great deal of un-quiet time commuting on the great un-wired subway system (and it is great…sans the WiFi), suffering through random annoying conversations because there was not enough room left on the meager 16Gb internal of my uber brick thAT HAS NO FREAKING MICRO SD SLOT!

    Please forgive the rant, i know, nothing is perfect, but in truth, this device could have very well been “hardware perfect”. i don’t see any real reason except that they didn’t want to, and thats why i’m pissed…because they just didn’t want us to be completely happy, they didn’t give us an 8MP sensor because, there is no removable micro sd for all that image goodness. and why pray tell is there no removable micro…nobody knows, because there is no reason except one, SCREW YOU!

    1. The Nexus has pretty awesome hardware. It’s easily one of the best phones of 2011. That said, the Nexus family tree has never been about hardware supremacy. It’s the perfect balance of hardware and software to make a snappy, pure, clean experience compared to some of the OEM skins out there. Sure the Galaxy Nexus will be somewhat outclassed in hardware in a few months or so, but Google will update the software quickly and keep it fresh. Those with the Nexus S and even the OG Droid still love their phones to this day. There’s no phone out there that is “hardware perfect”.

      64GB would be nice, but only if you need to load your phone up with movies or lots of music. Other than that, 32GB should more than enough for the average consumer. I’m sure they would charge a pretty large premium for the privelege of 64GB as well.

      1. I’d say the Nexus One definitely qualified as supreme hardware.  At the time, none of the features (noise canceling, 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, surface-contact dock connectors) were available on any other Android phone, and some of them (the first and last) are still rare.

        That being said, it was built like that to encourage hardware improvements.  Once everyone else started going for supremacy, it was no longer a concern of the Nexus project for the S and “Prime”.

  21. Its not really that expensive considering the full price Verizon one is supposed to be $800. I’m still tempted but I just got the Sensation 5 months ago, I guess I should juts suck it up and keep using this P.O.S.

  22. I feel like I’m living in an alternate universe where the best products come out in Canada first, and we get them cheaper ($650) and easier (right from the virgin mobile store). 

  23. I could buy an iPhone for that! What’s the point? I’m serious. I thought people liked Android because it costs less?

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