Telstra Getting the Galaxy Nexus Tomorrow


Don’t look now, Verizon customers, but Telstra is set to offer their Australian consumers the Galaxy Nexus starting tomorrow. It will be in two of their flagship Melbourne stores as well as available online. Plans will start at $70 with three more options through $130. Be up bright and early to order online or to get to the locations listed at the source link. [Telstra, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just waiting for Samsung’s new slogan: ‘The Galaxy Nexus!!! First with Android 4.0!! Available EVERYWHERE!!!!!*

    *fine print: Except the USA, sucks to be you.

    1. “The Galaxy Nexus!!! First* phone with Android 4.0”

      *Except  for the USA, their even the Nexus S will get ICS earlier

    2. if you can see my post in twitter, this is depressing….


      1. *last changed date: Nov 3rd, 2011. Actual projected release date: Nov 8th… 2014 ;)

        1. i think we found out why the world is ending in 2012.

      2. damn you & your discount

  2. I am worried, it’s Tuesday already and I don’t see any sign
    here in the US that this phone is going to be launch on Thursday.  It would be good enough if it does but I don’t
    really think so. 

    1. They didn’t give a date for the Xyboard either but they snuck that in on the site. I know they’re two different types of devices but I still see that as hope.

  3. Nice! Looks like the Droid Razr will be the first Verizon phone with ICS.

    1. No phone will be getting ICS before the Nexus is released.  Why would Google let the Razr customers get ICS before their own phone has been released?

      1. Because Google has no say in it to my knowledge. They released the ICS source code a month ago so Motorola can now put their garbage on it and send it to the RAZR.

        1. Let me rephrase for the peanut gallery…no phone in the US will get ICS before the Nexus is released. Period.  It makes zero sense.  Google has all the ‘say’ in when it’s released.  Having code doesn’t matter, it’s just means they can prep the OS and developers can make apps. 

          1. Android is open-source and Google released the source code. That means that Google no longer has any say over when an ICS phone can come out and Motorola can push it to the Razr today if they choose.

            ANY manufacturer that makes GSM phones can release one with ICS in the US and Google has no say. Is this politically correct enough? Fact is just because the nexus hasn’t been released in the US does not mean someone else can’t one up it.

            In a for profit world no one cares about Googles flagship phone except Google.

          2. moto already gave some BS on why they are ‘currently assessing’ ICS updates.  Hmm, wonder why.  Most estimates are a couple months till others get it. Listen bro, not trying to dispute that they released source code, it’s just behind the scenes business politics at work.  It’s not all about techies and code, it’s business, and Google looks pretty dumb if they can’t get their flagship phone out with ICS debuting their new platform here in the US.  Just put your programming code aside, and think about it.

          3. Again, Google released source code for the GSM version, not CDMA/LTE.

          4. Do you realize that Google purchased Motorola Mobility back in August so it would make sense for Motorola devices to get ICS asap.

          5. Yeah, it will make sense once merger is complete and Google has a phone that Motorola made.  Until then, no, it makes no sense. 

        2. Google released the source code for the GSM version. They did not release source code for LTE models. Yes there is a difference. Moto will not go to town on the GSM code.

      2. … A phone already has ICS… and it has been released just not in the US, everywhere else has it.

      3. Hilarious that GOogle has to limit the release of their OS for different phones. So fucking stupid. But I guess that’s what the Android fanboys like… stupid shit.

        1. Yeah, I’ve obviously found a touchy subject with these people if u read down the thread.  I think I’m getting push back from RAZR owners who are in denial of the fact that they ain’t getting sh*t as far as ICS goes until the Nexus is out here in US.  The only way in hell they get ICS before Nexus drops in stores is if there is some MAJOR delay, like a hardware issue, with the Nexus.

          1. Don’t worry. ICS won’t come to the Razr until a few months. The limiting factor won’t be the release of the Nexus in the US.

      4. Except that the Galaxy Nexus is already released in many countries.

        1. Yes, I know. Keep reading down the thread. Also, this thread is in regard to Droid RAZR getting ICS, which is only on Verizon, which is in the US. Yes, I know, maybe Moto is puttin out another carrier version, but right now that’s not the case.

  4. I saw a garbage truck on the way to work this morning that labeled the company name in red “Nexus”…I am hoping this was a sign from the Verizon Gods that it will be announced today!

    1. my wife got new shampoo….the name? you guessed it….NEXUS. crazy coincidence.

      1. Haha…my fiance was riding with me to work this morning when I pointed out the Nexus garbage truck and all she did was shake her head…I think she just wants the damn thing to be released so I will just shut up about it not being released already. 

        1. It was funny.. my wife was all prepared for a Rezound and I was going to get the Nexus… now she’s changed her mind and wants the Nex too… so she’s cussing Verizon more times a day than I am ;)

          1. Haha…niiice…yeah i just got the lady into the smart phone world with the release of the Droid X and she is already wanting a new phone but she isnt obsessed like many of us are with the Gnex…though she will be once she actually sees what it can do. Though she loves Android she does despise all of the “pretty” accessories of the Crapple products. Hopefully the Gnex will bring in enough revenue for accessory makers to jump on board.

    2. It was a sign that this whole launch is just garbage at this point.

      1. I “liked” your comment but at the same time hate that your right. 

  5. Well, that settles it. 

    If no GSM release at BB & Google on thursday (The day “rumored to release for verizon)… Ordering straight from Negri and putting the waiting behind me 

    1. I really doubt they’ll do that if the “exclusivity period” situation is as ironclad as it sounds, but man, I wish that were the case.

  6. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dear-Google-STOP-Screwing-up-Nexus-Releases/103723073079668
    please join this an lets get an online petition going… this is getting ridiculous

    1. People are really going crazy over the Galaxy Nexus

  7. I don;t care, Ive spent all my money for this year on Christmas gifts – I’ll run my OG droid for another 2 – 3 months and get something in the spring, maybe a Galaxy nexus for $99

    1. Or just hold out a few more months after that for a Galaxy S3 in the summer. Will probably have a faster cpu&gpu, an SDXC slot (for 128GB+), a better battery, better camera, and a non-pentile 720p display that’s just about as large, or larger.

      1. which will be “outdated” after 2 weeks.

        You android nerds are so stupid. Chasing specs when you know it makes no real difference.

        1. It makes a big difference. And as time goes on the difference increases, since technology is advancing exponentially.

          1. Yet in the case of Android, the software consistently lags the hardware. The software never takes full advantage of the capabilities. All these specs are just marketing gimmicks and stupid Android users gobble it up.

          2. go home troll. 

      2. Yeah, but Verizon never got a Galaxy S2.  Why would we get a Galaxy S3?  Samsung knows better.

  8. I blame George Bush.

    1. I don’t like you

    2. I blame Cheney

  9. Well this could be a possible indicator that the rumored December 15 release date is accurate. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 

  10. Once upon a time I was excited about upgrading from my Nexus One to the Galaxy Nexus…But now, through this whole fiasco I just want it released so it’ll knock the prices down on the other choices out there (would be nice if it drove the Galaxy Note down a bit!).

  11. This whole release for Verizon has turned in to quite an abortion.

    1. How can that be if verizon never announced a release date?

      1. You are correct that an official release date was never given. However, you are kidding yourself if you really believe that Verizon had no intention of not having this phone already out on the shelves. Product sitting in the back room collecting dust is not how a for profit company operates. Especially one that sells hardware in a fast paced environment where new must have handsets come out almost monthly.

  12. FYI Taiwan is supposed to get the Galaxy Nexus december 15th on Taiwan Mobile, unlocked SIM

  13. just received ek02 ota update on my epic 4g touch….. not feeling this overscroll glow :-/

  14. Google is a bunch of Commies.

  15. Ooo! I’ll be down there right after Xmas. Wonder if they will sell it unlocked and if so, what the price will be. The AUD and USD have been flirting with parity.

  16. So are we call your VZW rep. It happening tomorrow. Feliz Navidad people Feliz Navidad to all.

  17. People are so naive to believe that there was/is no delay at this point with the stores already in stock and not selling equates to a delay in itself. The first iteration of the device released mid to late november then some earlier last week to think that there is a possible exclusivity put the gsm version for the states behind. either way you look at it verizon screwed the launch by releasing it so late. 

  18. It better be released by the 17th statewide as thats when the NS was released anytime after is way too long

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