Has The HTC Flyer Been Discontinued? Device Goes Missing From Best Buy’s Website


After suffering numerous price drops and lack luster sales, we now have some new clues that the HTC Flyer could, in fact, be discontinued after the 7-inch tab has gone missing from Best Buy’s website. The link to where the single-core tablet was once found on now pulls up a “Sorry, no results found” page. The device was widely considered by most as overpriced and underpowered — a combination that never works well together in the competitive tech industry. More recently, the HTC Flyer and its Sprint cousin, the Evo View 4G, had been popping up in discounted near “fire sales” all over the internet where users, like myself, were able to pick one up for only $240. Have to say, I’m kinda sad to see it go but hopefully this means HTC will bring out a newer, more powerful dual/quad-core variant in the near future. Make it happen, HTC!

Thanks, Carlos!

Chris Chavez
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  1. all the accessories have been gone for a couple weeks now online.  In store I saw the flyer and scribe available. no other accessories were available 

    1. I think.. it’s dead. =(

      1. when something dies, something is born.

      2. Speaking of the View, it’s on sale at 1SaleADay today for $229.

  2. hardly any stores have any inventory on them.  There is one of those mall stores near me that has them, but otherwise nothing for 100s of miles.

    1. In case anyone cares to find one, you can go to and look for any item for pickup.  Then just change the skuId in the url to the sku in the link above (2390524).  Won’t be available for store pickup obviously, but that will tell you if any stores in your area have them.  Also, don’t forget to include the Best Buy Specialty stores.

  3. Meh, fine with me. I bought one on sale as well. As long as the rooting process and custom ROMs stay updated, it’ll be alright.

  4. $240? I got the Acer A100 for $179 on Black Friday. I love it!

    1. Now I’m totally jealous.

  5. yes it has

  6. It wasn’t that great of a device honestly. good riddance.

  7. Oh teh noes! Say it isn’t so! An overpriced, underpowered, undersupported, locked-down, unwanted device has been discontinued?? ‘TIS THE END OF THE WORLD!

    1. well it wasn’t THAT overpriced. $250 would have been a reasonable price. At $300 they should have included the scribe stylus. I bought the Evo view for $240 and I must say that I impressed, it’s much more functional that my Kindle fire, which I am planning on returning.

      1. $300 w scribe would have been just right. I think it should have been marketed at artists, students, and biz peeps with a better note taking-sketching app. Honeycomb is too late but I’ll enjoy it as long was this thing keeps working.

    2. Unersupported? How so? Theya re releasing a Honeycomb upgrade for it. Noone expected that.

      Locked down? I’m pretty sure this is one of the devices we can unlock the bootloader for.

      Overpriced, sure.

  8. ya i work at best buy selling tablets and computers and we are not carrying it anymore had a customer ask about it today it showed deleted. honestly there are much better tablets that we sell. i love htc but there product was outclassed 

  9. I’ve said this before but one of the bad sides of HTc is that they might be able to get parts but they just dont have the technology to produce it in a sexy slim casing. One might say that its due to premium metal body….really? The development has come to a halt since the HTC desire htc sensation is a brick…. Even with the tablets. Flyer was heavy buly and ugly. A shame really…not so appealing in the current times

  10. There is a new HTC tablet coming out…

  11. Maybe they ran out of stock tablets.

  12. How could it have had “lackluster” sales if it’s been sold out since October?!

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