Verizon Making Big Moves – Is Currently In Talks To Buy Netflix


Looks like Verizon could be in more talks than just Redbox to offer streaming content. Now, Bloomberg is reporting that Verizon is “very serious” about a bid to actually take over Netflix to the tune of $4.6 billion. Verizon wants streaming video content and they want it now. Whether it’s from Netflix or Redbox (or both?) remains to be seen with sources within Verizon saying they’ll take Netflix or “something similar.” As long as there are no bumps in the road, the Netflix deal could go through as early as Easter of next year. Let’s just hope that if this deal does pan out, Verizon doesn’t try to keep Netflix all to themselves.

[Via Bloomberg]

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  2. No thanks.

  3. Verizon will ruin netflix

    1. Netflix has done a pretty good job of ruining itself.

      1. Just imagine the two combined :( oh this could be bad. I just hope it doesn’t mean Netflix Becomes V-cast…or V-flix or something like that…in order for them to add more tiers to plans and bandwidth caps.

  4. I already pay them for wireless, internet, phone and tv, I can’t give them any more money. Plus as good as verizon is with infrastructure I love their internet,tv and wireless services they are on the expensive side and you know verizon would raise prices if it got netflix or screw it up to protect it’s own tv revenue.

  5. If Verizon buys Netflix I am sure it will do something to change the current status quo (probably for the worse at a minimum we all hate change) and then we will all find the Amazon VOD to start looking rather good, I could even see someone start to call it the Netflix killer. 

    1. I’ve been waiting for years for Amazon to make a VOD Android app, especially with Flash going the way of the dinosaur (it was always hard to use the tiny controls when viewing from a mobile browser anyway).

  6. I sense a common theme: red

  7. You know that Verizon watched Netflix take a huge fall until it hit a range they felt they could reasonably make a bid on… without their missteps this summer, this wouldn’t even be a discussion.

  8. Verzion is the new Apple :( so iVote NO! No thank you to long delays, higher prices and less fricken choices!

  9. I feel like this should not happen. I hope I am not wrong for thinking that, but for some reason I just feel like it is a bad idea for the consumers…

  10. This is mighty glorious news indeed! I’d love to pay $20 a month for streaming on one of their new tiered plans.

  11. idont know what will grown
    Happen as well as everyone else, this is why I can’t really say what will happen if the deal gos through. If, greed is an issue …the Netflix will suck when/if the BigV buys them.

    1. When is greed not an issue? 

  12. I bet they’ll treat the new season of Arrested Development just like the Galaxy Nexus. THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN

    1. All of the sudden every show will be out six months later than planned.

  13. Verizon should halt the talk.
    Get their finger out of their a55 and launch the Nexus. Then continue talks.

  14. Great. I foresee a huge v-cast style mess if Verizon gets their hands on Netflix.

  15. If we would be able to watch shows with Verizon keeping netflix data where it doesn’t count against my regular data then count me in.

  16. Um…? If Verizon owns Netflix, don’t you think Verizon customers would be able to stream Netflix for free? Has that every crossed any of your pessimistic minds?

    1. Ooo true, and if you have a data plan for your phone you would be able to tether for free!

      Oh wait never mind, forgot this is reality and wireless carriers do everything they can to widen those profit margins.

    2. sure.. it may be free………. 

      ……until you get your VZW bill littered with data overage fees.

      But even then, is anything really free with Verizon?… they’re known to nickel-and-dime on their wireless plans. 

    3. Are you kidding? That’s like half the country. No way would they do something that would lose that much money.

  17. Dear God NO …….. I detest Verizon. And they are my carrier. I know Netflix has kind of sucked it up in the last year, but Verizon would only make it exponentially worse; I have no doubt.

    1. Verizon carrier != Verizon communications.

      Two different companies, basically.  I’d wonder why none of the articles seem to make mention of that, but then, if they did, they wouldn’t get the knee-jerk sensational responses in comments.

  18. Great, there goes the last good thing on tv. :(

  19. I didn’t imagine any company could afford Netflix. They’re a giant of the tech industry. 

    1. well, they used to be; they’ve lost about 70% of their value in the last 6 or so months. 

  20. tell me this is a joke.. verizon ruins everything 

  21. I hope this doesn’t happen. Verizon will make Netflix non affordable.
    Like that didn’t happen already………I do not want them handling my tv, just like I don’t want my mail accounts on their servers.
    Looks like Netflix is looking  for a way out of their financial loss after their last great decision. 

  22. maybe its for their FIOS tv line? Like DirectTV and Blockbuster

  23. Now new releases will never come out.

  24. Of course they WANT to buy them right now. I’m sure a lot of people do, simply because their value has decreased so much recently. That does not mean Netflix is willing to sell.


  26. NOOOOOOOO…  Just another crap service they will force feed onto every subscriber.  It’s bad enough that when you purchase a new phone for $200+ it comes loaded with crap without any option to remove, and now they will jam netflix done our throats.  Verizon needs to get back to the Basics..  Cellular voice, text and data access and thats’ it.  if they want to do other service, split the company into another division.

  27. I know this has already been pointed out, but I cannot emphasize this enough: THIS IS NOT VERIZON WIRELESS!!!!! This is the Verizon that sells cable television, phone, and fiber internet. They’re not the same. I don’t even know why this story is on Phandroid.

  28. Oh please God no.

  29. Bye bye $8 streaming. Anything Verizon means higher prices

  30. “Netflix for Verizon subscribers is only available to users without the unlimited data plan or on WiFi.”

  31. I’d be happier to see Sprint be doing this. Verizon sucks. They charge more for less internet and they’re phones aren’t worth the money.

    Sprint is such a better deal for the time being. I depend on their unlimited data, because I use up to 60GB per month. A lot more than the cap with other carriers.

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